September 6, 2018

Be future-geared with iACADEMY

Tomorrow's world will have more robots, computers that learn and think, smart devices that we wear on our bodies. The smartphone will be obsolete. We will understand reality, control our schedules, and perform our tasks, using augmented and virtual reality and mobile apps. 

Prepare your children to not just survive but thrive in that world. An iACADEMY education in these senior high school tracks will give them that advantage.

The iACADEMY Robotics Track

Teaches fundamentals and real-world application of the Principles of Robotics. Students build and program their own robots virtually from scratch. Students may go into higher studies in robotics, computer science, programming, and engineering.
Prepares students for careers in business processes, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, industry, and transport. Practically any job that requires a background in computers, programming, and electronics.

The iACADEMY Audio Production Track

Audio Production today involves music, sound effects, 3D sound, augmented and virtual reality. As people prefer more experiential forms of entertainment, learning, and working, a career in Audio Production is even more viable and lucrative.
Applies to careers in any business that entails music, entertainment, sound effects, performances, and video production.

The iACADEMY Graphic Illustration Track

Drawing, painting, sketching are just the basics. Students eventually move on to digital graphics, 3D graphics, and augmented and virtual reality.
Graduates of this track will thrive as animators, comic book artists, visual effects artists, graphics illustrators, and as creators of 3D graphics, and augmented and virtual reality.

The iACADEMY App Development Track

Every gadget and computer in the world now interconnect and operate using apps. Apps are more than just social media (Facebook, Instagram) and games like Minecraft. Apps help us navigate our world and, in the future, operate our home gadgets and appliances.
Apps deliver our food, book our hotels and trips. We work, study, play, and even repair ourselves using apps.
Graduates will be ready to create apps, teach others to use apps, or help operate apps in corporate and educational settings.

The iACADEMY Nexus building is located at 7434 Yakal Street, Barangay San Antonio, Makati City. To learn more about the program offerings for Senior High School and college, such as Animation, Multimedia Arts & Design, Software Development, and Game Development visit, email or call +632 889-7777 (College) and +632 889-5555 (Senior High School).

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