November 21, 2018

Hintayan ng Langit film stars multi-awarded veteran actors Gina Pareño and Eddie Garcia

"Hintayan ng Langit" stars multi-awarded veteran actors Gina Pareño and Eddie Garcia, directed by Dan Villegas  and is written by spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo based from his one-act stage play for The Virgin Lab Fest.

Juan Miguel Severo’s first feature film confronts timeless bittersweet truths on loving and living.

The feature film asked "Is leaving a mark on this world what really matters most in life?"

In Hintayan ng Langit, Lisang has overstayed in her waiting room in purgatory, occasionally causing other souls trouble for her own entertainment. But today her waiting ends. Finally, she is set to cross over and her room is to be leased to a new tenant, Manolo, who turns out to be her newly-deceased ex-boyfriend.

But life—or death—takes a heartbreaking turn as Lisang and Manolo get a second chance to get to know each other again and, in the process, begin to realize what it really means to be “alive” again. As Lisa and Manolo look back in retrospect and they examine the decisions they made in their lives, they can’t help but ask what if....

Hintayan ng Langit is a co-production between Globe Studios and Project 8 Corner San Joaquin Projects, a film production company owned by top filmmakers Dan Villegas and Antoinette Jadaone. The movie adaptation is directed by Dan Villegas for QCinema and premiered last October. It won the Best Actor and Audience Choice awards.

While #HintayanNgLangit is trending on social media for its gripping theme and excellent production values, the film is also the latest commitment of Globe Studios in delivering heartfelt but top-quality films not only for its customers but among all Filipino film buffs as well.

“When I first read the Hintayan Ng Langit script for QCinema, I couldn’t put it down, and when I finished it, I couldn’t hold back my tears,” says Globe Studios Head, Quark Henares.  
“When I handed it to our producers, they felt the same way. This is a film Globe Studios HAD to do, and I’m so proud and happy we’re giving everyone a chance to see it nationwide. It’s different. It’s touching. It stays with you. Hope you can all catch it in theaters!”
Villegas and Jadaone join the roll of A-list of filmmakers that include Erik Matti, Paul Soriano, Sigrid Bernardo, Joyce Bernal, and Lav Diaz who have collaborated with Globe Studios for their original video and film productions.

Hintayan ng Langit Gets Nationwide Screening

Missed QCinema? Due to insistent public demand, you can catch Hintayan Ng Langit on November 21 when it makes its theatrical run.

Love, laugh, and create your own wonderful experiences as #GlobeStudios invites you to watch this beautiful movie. Watch the trailer of #HintayanNgLangit here: 

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