January 28, 2019

Spring Films Treats Moviegoers on its 10th Anniversary

Successfully carving a niche market into the Philippine cinema landscape, Spring Films will celebrate its 10th Anniversary with a two-day film showing event on January 28 and 29 at the Cine Adarna of the University of the Philippines - Diliman Campus!

Entitled "10 Years of Spring Films", the event reflects both the springing and spawning of movies that made unlikely on screen pairings and unlikely discussed themes become major story concepts and storylines. This envisioned by Spring Films who certainly helped to revolutionize movie-making with much Millennium flavour!

On January 28 Monday, the film-showing starts at 2:00 pm with the cute melodrama "Relaks, It’s Just Pag-Ibig" starring Inigo Pascual and Sofia Andres. At 4:00 pm, we will meet up with the story of the acclaimed "Meet Me at St. Gallen" starring Carlo Aquino and Bela Padilla. In the interim is a 'Filmmakers’ Night' where Spring Films will present the upcoming movies and directors. A wonderful treat with a media launch spirit for all sorts of media like bloggers, influencers, students and film enthusiasts. At 7:00 pm is the special commercial cut premiere of the movie "Kuya Wes", Spring Films’ official entry into the 2108 Cinemalaya Film Festival.

On January 29 Tuesday at 2:00 pm will be the wonderful blockbuster "Kimmy Dora" starring the comedy empress Eugene Domingo, the production company’s first movie that soared Spring Films to prominence. This film will be shown in reel film form, for the audience to experience the exclusivity and true grandiosity film reel versions offer, when this new generation is getting used to streaming and digital viewing. At 4:00 pm will be Spring Films' Highest-Grossing romance movie "Kita Kita" that stapled the unpredictable chemistry between Alessandra da Rossi and Empoy Marquez. An open discussion with the Filmmakers will be conducted at 6:00 pm for the moviegoers. Not to be mistaken as a usual conference, this will be a very lively tete-a-tete, giving the audience a great chance to speak with the producers, directors and yes actors! Attendees are Director Sigrid Bernardo (Kita Kita), actor Empoy Marquez (Kita Kita), Director James Mayo (Kuya Wes) to name a few. KZ Tandingan, who interpreted the Official Theme Song of Kita Kita titled "Two Less Lonely People" will also be present. Capping the event at 7:00 pm is again the not-to-be-missed special commercial cut of Kuya Wes.

This two day special event offering of Spring Films is priced at only P100 per old film, while Kuya Wes Commercial Cut screenings with its Filmmakers' Night Access and Open Discussion will be P200. An All Acess Pass for 2 Days will also be available at P300 limited slots only.

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