July 3, 2019

The Best UTV-Specific Tires

Your UTV’s tires play a very important role in its performance and handlingChoose the wrong size or terrain type and you could seriously impact its traction, suspension, braking, and even fuel economy. You’re a savvy rider that already knows this, but smart shoppers can still use some help selecting the best motorcycle tires for their bikes. With this quick guide to the best UTV tires, you won’t be in the dark while shopping for your next set of wheels.

The Maxxis Ceros: An All-Around Performer

As an international tire specialistMaxxis is probably best known for its Bighorn and Carnivore tires. Yet the Ceros is a first-class model in its own right. Key features on this 6-ply radial include its aggressive tread and smooth-rolling tread pattern, both of which deliver dependable traction and performance on all types of terrain.

The CST Lobo CH01: A Tough Tire for Big Machines

CST’s Lobo CH01 model is specifically built for larger-sized UTVs running on intermediate terrain. It’s an 8-ply DOT radial designed to withstand high-speed riding over potentially punishing Baja-style terrain. As a lightweight performance-class hardpack tire, it provides exceptional comfort and durability while effortlessly handling the heavy loads of a large UTV.

The Sedona Rock-A-Billy: Engineered for Hard Terrain

No list of the best motorcycle parts and accessories would be complete without the Sedona Rock-A-Billy. Engineered especially for high-horsepower and high-speed riding, the Rock-A-Billy is a puncture-resistant 8-ply radial that sports a built-in rim guard and a special compound designed for maximum grip on hard surfaces. An aggressive tread design integrates side lugsand rock ejectors to keep rocks and debris from sticking to the tire. 

The ITP Ultracross RA Versatile Off-Road Tire

ITP consistently produces top-rated models such as its Baja Cross and Blackwater Evolution. The ITP Ultracross R-Spec delivers within this fine traditionThis puncture-resistant 8-ply radial features openly spaced treads for excellent bite in any conditions. Its multi-surface nondirectional tread design delivers consistent traction over any terrain, including slippery hard surfaces. ITP has expanded the Ultracross’s size range, making this Baja-winning tire accessible to most UTV owners. 

The DWT Mojave Utility Tire: Superior Strength and Durability

Dependability is a critical factor in any tire’s performance, and the DWT Mojave definitely delivers. Available in both the 8-ply and run-flat versions, the Mojave’s best qualities include its hard compound rubber and thick sidewalls. Yet it’s its aggressive tight wraparound multidirectional tread pattern and wide contact patch that offers superior traction on the toughest terrains and reliable performance in both forward and reverse. The Mojave was built to go the distance, virtually eliminating the need to carry a spare in your UTV. 

Huge Range of Options

Gone are the days when you had to retrofit ATV components to fit a UTV. Manufacturers have stepped up to the plate with UTV-ready tires built to handle the width, weight and power output of side-by-side machines. Of course, the best UTV tires aren’t the only critical pieces of your machine’s performance. Count on your preferred powersports supplier to give you the gear you want to equip your UTV. 

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