September 25, 2011

Dear Facebook: Enough, already. Our outrage can't keep up with your changes

by Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Manage Your Life

It's time to be outraged about Facebook again...

No matter how many times the Facebook gods make changes to that social network's site, users are up in arms—and they flock to Facebook to talk about it. Here's a rundown of some of the funniest, on-target gripes we've seen about the latest raft of Facebook changes that were rolled out on Thursday. All photos from Facebook, of course.

Appalled? Read this

Every joke has a kernel of truth.

It's like the Russian Doll of Facebook
A Facebook feed within a Facebook feed? There lies madness.

Well, isn't that what it's for?

What's a status update for if not for venting? And right now, many users are venting about the same thing.

It could be worse. They could have called it "Facebookster"

We wonder what Netflix CEO Reed Hasting's Facebook status is right now?

When in doubt, ask some puppies

Designer Marnie MacLean worked through the seven stages of Facebook grief—shock, confusion, indignation, activism, flounce, distraction, and acceptance—with the help of some adorable puppies. Extreme times call for extreme measures...

Ah, perspective...

Frankly, we prefer to distract ourselves with news about elephants that can paint. But if the Facebook changes are really troubling you, there are three things you can try to make it look a bit more like it used to: describes Better Facebook as "a Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera extension that's been around for a few years now"; it allows users to customize the Facebook features that they love (or hate) most.

A Facebook group called "I Hate the New Facebook Profile" offers a quick way to make the new news feed look more like the old one: Create a customized list that includes all of your Facebook friends, then add the new list to your favorites; when you click on it from the home page, your news feed will look the way it used to.

Google Chrome users can take advantage of a free plug in to remove the new Facebook news ticker feed. It's called—you guessed it—The Facebook News Ticker Remover.

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