October 16, 2018

Behind the Promise Ring

The Promise Ring has become a popular symbol of a couple’s romantic commitment to each other. Some couples simply use the promise ring to signify their devotion to one another, while most use it as a formal pre-engagement ring.

The promise ring has paralleled the growing trend for couples who decide to marry later in life. These dispositions are personal, and are unique to each couple; therefore, the definition of a promise ring varies. It means different things to different people. 

As for the promise ring design, almost anything goes, depending on the preference of the couple, although by comparison, it has a simpler design than an engagement ring. Favorites usually are in identical pairs or with heart details. 

For couples wanting to have their very own exquisitely made matching promise rings, My Diamond has the exceptional Devotion Collection that includes a pair of His and Hers identical rings of 14K White Gold—the ring for Herfeatures 24 pieces of Baguette Diamonds with a total of 1.41 carats. Another pair comes in His and Hers promise rings of 14K Yellow and White Gold. The ring for Her features heart cut-outs and four pieces of Diamonds with a total of 0.18 carats. 
As a special treat, My Diamond has an irresistible offer.With a purchaseof three pieces of jewelry, one gets a 45 percent discount; purchase oftwo pieces offers a 40 percent discount, and lastly with the purchase of one jewelry piece,one enjoys a 30% discount. This promo is applicable to all regular priced jewelryat a minimum purchase and runs only until October 15, 2018. 

My Diamond stores are at Ayala Center Cebu, Festival Supermall, Gateway Mall, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Robinsons Place Manila, SM Lanang Premier Davao, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and SM Aura Premier. 

About My Diamond 
Established in 1998, My Diamond was founded by a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, who built the brand based on a very strong foundation and knowledge on gemology, most especially diamonds. Over the years, My Diamond has created a name for itself in the industry, earning a reputation for excellent craftsmanship by local artists who create very unique pieces for discerning clients.

Bounty Fresh at an OctoberFresh celebration of World Chicken and Egg Day

Bounty Fresh’s way of thanking its loyal customers for making them the number one choice in every Filipino feast held an OctoberFresh celebration of World Chicken and Egg Day at the TriNoma Activity Center on October 12, 2018. 

Bounty Fresh, the leading Philippine-based farm-to-market poultry producer is at the forefront of celebrating World Chicken and Egg Day here in the Philippines.

Celebrities graced the OctoberFresh fun event.

There were several egg-related  and chicken booth activities and in-store promos, which bring fun for the whole family during the event.

First, there was a cooking demo from Chef Sherwin.

OctoberFresh also serve as the culminating activity to brand’s very own Egg and Chickenovela, featuring Chicky, the character representing all of Bounty Fresh’s products. She laid an egg and eventually lost it. Fortunately, her friends online did everything they can to find some clues on the whereabouts of her missing baby, which led them to TriNoma Activity Center.

Bounty Fresh’s chicken and egg products, which are strictly produced using only the state-of-the-art, ISO certified technology and processes, will be featured in several activities lined up for the whole day. Culinary segments, like a cooking demo, will use only the freshest, most nutritious, and definitely affordable to every Filipino family. This is in line with Bounty Fresh’s theme, OctoberFresh, which focuses on the many benefits in buying only the fresh products.

A great bounty awaited to a chosen few, who helped Chicky in finding her baby egg. But before they do, they will have to battle it out on stage, going through competitions like “SWEGG” Dance Challenge, “Beatbok” Challenge, and “Eggs Factor” Season 2 Cooking Challenge. A grand prize of Php 100,000 was be given away, along with consolation prizes, and some Masflex items. There were  lots of raffle prizes,  that everyone went home with a big smile on their faces. And when they couldn’t get enough of Bounty Fresh, there was Chicken and Egg Sale, where everyone  purchased these products at a very low price.

All of these activities and giveaways are the least Bounty Fresh can do to make its customers enjoy this year’s World Chicken and Egg Day. Bounty Fresh promises to continuously provide Filipino families with succulent meat of high quality, steroid-free chickens, and the most nutritious and fresh white and brown eggs, all at the most affordable price.

People around enjoy the fun #OctoberFreah #BountyFresh celebration!

Aside from the Philippines, the event was also  celebrated in countries like Australia, The UK, USA, Brazil, France, and neighboring Asian countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, to name a few.

Happy #BountyFresh and #OctoberFresh to all !

Miss Earth 2018 National Costume Competition held at Century Park Hotel

Manila, Philippines – October 2018 – Renowned establishment Century Park Hotel (CPH) recently hosted the Miss Earth 2018 National Costume Competition round. 

The 90 delegates from different countries gave a spectacular display of color showcasing their national costumes for everyone to enjoy. The competition is one of the most-anticipated and most festive pre-pageant contests. 

The event was made possible in cooperation with Carousel Productions, Inc., the official organizer of Miss Earth. Guests from the government sectors as well as ambassadors of different countries were in full attendance. 

The winners in Best National Costumes per region are as follows: 

North Central America 

Gold: Mexico 
Silver: Panama 
Bronze: Guatemala


South America: 

Gold: Guyana 
Silver: Ecuador 
Bronze: Peru 


Gold: Sierra Leone 
Silver: Zambia 
Bronze: Nigeria 

Asia and Oceania 

Gold: Vietnam 
Silver: Thailand 
Bronze: Philippines 

Central Western Europe 

Gold: Spain 
Silver: Portugal 
Bronze: Italy 

Eastern Europe 

Gold: Serbia 
Silver: Crimea 
Bronze: Montenegro 

The hotel will reprise its role for the Figure and Form Preliminary Judging on October 29, 2018. The international pageant will be held on November 4, 2018 at the MOA Arena.

October 15, 2018

Imagine no longer! TRILL: Mattress in a Box, the first-ever high-quality mattress delivered in a most creative and convenient packaging!

Imagine sleeping on a big, luxurious bed with all your worries and exhaustion cast aside. Once your back hits the mattress, you heave a sigh of satisfaction and almost immediately fall into a deep and comfortable sleep. Now, imagine having this kind of mattress delivered right at your doorstep with few simple clicks. 

Imagine no longer! TRILL: Mattress in a Box, the first-ever high-quality and versatile mattress delivered in a most creative packaging is now available in the Philippines. Using advanced, innovative technologies, it even has a plush side and firm side that can be switched in one easy flip to suit different desired levels of comfort.

Unbox the TRILL-ing comfort of mattress in a box

Available exclusively on https://www.trillbyuratex.com/, the new TRILL premium mattress is conveniently packaged in a 18’’x18’’x42” box, complete with comprehensive manual and tools for easy unboxing. You no longer have to worry about how to bring it up to your bedroom or how a big, luxurious mattress can fit right through your door.

What’s more, TRILL: Mattress in a Box offers a 100-night trial and free delivery to anywhere in the Philippines. 

A combination of quality foams ensures exceptional comfort and durability through the years. The plush layer has TrillTex® that easily adapts to the body’s movement and provides outstanding support. The “intelligent” Senso Memory® Foam conforms to the shape of the body, cradling it in an incredibly relaxing way. The Vital® Foam is firm and bouncy and able to withstand a heavier load while Orthofirm® foam helps ease aches and pains.

Each TRILL premium mattress is certified environment-friendly and is treated with Sanitized® to prevent the growth of bacteria, odor, mildew and dust mites, keeping the mattress hygienic and hypoallergenic. It has been found orthopedically safe by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association (POA).

TRILL: Mattress in a Box can help improve sleep quality, provide dual comfort and maintain proper posture by aligning the spine and relieving pressure points. It is even delivered free!

No matter where you are in the country, no matter your sleeping needs, you can now experience the TRILL-ing comfort and convenience with TRILL: Mattress in a box.

To know more about TRILL: Mattress in a Box, visit https://www.trillbyuratex.com/.

GET READY TO BE CHARMED! The iconic series returns with a whole new set of enchanting sisters

The Power of Three is summoned back to television screens with the all-new Charmed on Blue Ant Entertainment. But while it still has all the witchy elements that held viewers spellbound to the show’s previous incarnation, the up-and-coming series reveals a few new things that are sure to enchant audiences all over again. 

Here are just some of them : 

Fresh Faces against Evil

The show’s reboot introduces three new sisters fated to vanquish demonic forces through magic. Social justice warrior Melanie “Mel” Vera (Melonie Diaz) and her younger sister, the fun-loving Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) live together before meeting their long-lost older half-sister, Macy (Madeleine Mantock), who was kept a secret by their single mom for many years.

Mel is a graduate student at the women’s studies department headed by her mom at Hilltowne University, while Maggie is a freshman looking to join a sorority—much to her sister’s dismay. Macy, on the other hand, happens to be a brilliant geneticist. The reimagined series brings the Charmed Ones together after a mysterious incident at home leaves their mother dead.

New Magical Awakenings

At the wake of their mother’s unexplainable demise, the sisters begin exhibiting strange supernatural abilities. Mel, the second of the three, can suddenly freeze time, while the youngest, Maggie, freaks out when she starts hearing the thoughts of anyone she comes in contact with. Macy, too, is left baffled after somehow throwing and breaking an object with just her mind. The sisters learn later on that their magical abilities grow by tenfold when they join together to invoke the Power of Three.

Darker Twist to Sisterhood

Women empowerment takes a more sinister turn in the new Charmed when Mel and Maggie receive a text from their mom to rush back home—only to discover her lifeless body at the bottom of a broken attic window. The sisters are distraught, but Mel becomes consumed by it and starts shutting Maggie out. What’s more, Macy appears out of nowhere claiming to be their sister, and also gets shut out.

As their latent powers begin to unravel and demons start appearing at their doorstep, the Vera sisters soon realize that to uncover the truth behind their mother’s death, they must accept their destiny and act as one.

Will the Charmed Ones learn to find strength not just in their differences but also in the bond of their sisterhood? Charmed premieres on October 16, Tuesday, at 9:45PM (8:45PM JKT/BKK) on Blue Ant Entertainment.

Find out what the Vera sisters are brewing next by following Blue Ant Entertainment at www.facebook.com/BlueAntEntertainment, @BlueAntEnt on Twitter, and @BlueAntEntertainment on Instagram.


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