May 23, 2012

Enjoying Life via Taxi Ride

I always enjoy traveling and going to many majestic places. As a freelance public relations and event coordinator, I usually travel a lot, mostly via cab. I usually take cabs in good standing as they have respectful and honest drivers. They are also in good condition and have air-conditioning units that function properly.

I love traveling to places where I can take good photos. I specifically like churches. I don’t want to spoil my mood by riding a defunct cab, especially if the driver will scam me out of my money.

Traveling abroad would always require riding a cab.  We need a cab to bring us to the airport and then to our hotels. And to truly enjoy our travel, we must choose a safe cab everywhere we go.

Traveling locally and even in other countries is really exciting. However, being a tourist carries a few risks. Going to unfamiliar places can get us in trouble, and we don’t want to experience being scammed in another country.  A foreign city can be safe for tourists, but it’s also up to the tourist to make it so. Always be on the alert for scammers for you not to fall prey.

When traveling via cab, bus, train or other means of public transportation, always be on the look-out for lurkers and muggers. They may attack even when you are riding a taxi cab.

You have the right to choose which cab to ride. As always, I do choose cabs with trusted names and duly inspected and registered taxi meters.

I always try to look confident instead of looking like a lost tourist. I feel safe riding a taxi with a respectful driver who calls me “Ma’am”. I see to it that the driver drives well and knows the best route, avoids traffic and brings me to my destination on time.

Here are some tips in riding a cab.

* Choose a reputable taxi company.
* Do not ride unmarked taxi cabs.
* Ride taxi cabs with clear identification and official markings. Beware of unmarked cabs.

It’s more fun riding a cab when the driver treats you nicely and drives carefully. When you are in a foreign country, you must familiarize yourself with the place, the people, and their culture. Knowing these will make it easy for you to adjust to the people.

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YANI said...

So we better ride TAXI later Ms. Myrns okay? ^_^ Hope you always have a safe trip.

Maye Domencil said...

Hi! Nice tips, I always have fear riding a taxi especially when I am alone. I avoid it in fact. Take care.

Mommy Maye (

Admin said...

If at times you, alone and need a ride, just choose a taxi with clear identification and official markings and with trusted names (there are well known) , for you going to your destination safe.

Have a blessed day Maye! :)

Admin said...

Thanks YANI! Take care always ! :)

claire said...

Taxi ride in London? This is something to look forward, instead of taking the bus. :)

Unknown said...

Nice post, thanks for the tips in riding cab.

nelsonRN said...

I'm a cab rider myself!
Thanks for the tips!

redamethyst said...

thank you for the nice tips. It's important to be careful when choosing the taxi to ride.

Gaylee said...

Thanks for the tips. Few times I went to Thailand, only once did I experience riding a cab with the driver having 0 knowledge with basic english.....well that's what he claimed when I got his attention for turning to the wrong direction, haha!

miekee_18 said...

Thanks for the tips..Very useful:)

Nica said...

These tips are great. I will keep these in mind.

JonaBQ said...

I don't mind taking any taxi cabs even with bad news about taxi muggers. Ironically, taxi drivers are the ones who are picky and don't like taking us to our parents home due to what they heard about our place from other drivers. The truth is the one they're talking about is not exactly our place and of a different route.
I actually miss riding taxis as what we have here in Laguna are tricycles. Which I call taxicles as they get the same price as Manila taxis.

Heathrow Airport Transfer said...

The most important thing to note here is safety. Public transportation is not like private transportation, that you don’t hold your own wheel and drive.


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