Gustav Klimt 150th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle‎

Google's latest attractive doodle celebrates the 150th birthday of Gustav Klimt, the Austrian symbolist painter whose work was a cause of controversy for its celebration of sexuality, but which is now counted among the most expensive artworks in the world today.

His prominent works created much controversy as it celebrated frank eroticism. He was born to a gold engraver in Baumgarten in 1862, near Vienna. Most of his paintings were created using gold leaf which received much appreciation and criticism worldwide.

The subject of his works was female body and his works include art objects, paintings, murals and murals. During the contemporary times, his works are recognized as one of the highly expensive artworks.

Gustav Klimt, (July 14, 1862 - February 6, 1918), spent most of his childhood in poverty and because of his interest and passion towards artwork, Klimt was awarded a scholarship to the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts in 1876.

Google paid tribute to Klimt with a doodle displaying one of his artwork ' The Kiss ' (In German: Der Kuss) painted between 1907-08 which is known 'Golden Period' of his life, the highpoint of his creativity. The canvas depicted a couple embracing each other and their bodies entwined in decorated robes. It is an oil paint artwork that gives a strikingly modern theme.

Moreover, several of his works were destroyed and the remains are preserved at various galleries across the world. Also, many of his paintings were left unfinished.

On February 6, 1918, Klimt died of a stroke and pneumonia and was buried at the Hietzing Cemetery in Vienna.

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