September 8, 2012

Cesar Montano and Angel Aquino stars in a new suspense drama movie, "Biktima"

Cesar Montano and Angel Aquino stars in a new suspense drama movie, "Biktima," directed by RD Alba.

Cesar talks about different challenges in making his first Indie movie "Biktima." This was fully shot in Bohol under Director RD Alba , a long time friendship with Cesar.

He said that he was so surprised just how quickly the film was shot.  RD told me 'I just need a few days from you'."

"I said that I had four to five days in Bohol  and he said that was good enough. Sabi ko, mabubuo ba yang pelikula na yan? Napakasimple lang talaga ng shooting namin, parang may binili lang ako sa tindahan! Hindi ko ma-imagine na mabubuo 'yung pelikula na ganito kaganda," Cecar narrated this during a mini press conference last Tuesday, September 4 held at Cesar's restaurant Belissimo in Scout Rallos, Quezon City,

The movie' “Biktima” is about the relationship between a husband and wife, played by Cesar and Angel Aquino.

Angel Aquino plays Alice de la Cruz, a local KVTV news reporter who travels on assignment to the island of Kamandao who becomes a victim of an ambush. She was with another reporter named Fred (portrayed by Lloyd Samartino) and a little girl named Emma (portrayed by Isabel Garsuta) when the tragedy occurred.

Cesar Montano plays Mark de la Cruz, the husband of Alice who has to deal with the devastating effects of his wife's ordeal. As a result of this ambush, Alice will go through a psychological disorder known as post traumatic stress disorder, causing her to be confined in a mental institute.

Mercedes Cabral plays Sandra Guzman, a lounge singer who has just moved into town. She eventually becomes involved with Mark.

Cesar's wife, Sunshine Cruz, is cast in the film as Jane, the TV executive who assigns Angel to report on the incidents in Kamandao. Hollywood actor Philip Anthony is also part of the film as a hostage named Houston. He has been held captive for four years. Philip previously worked here in the Philippines when he was cast in Cesar's previous film Panaghoy sa Suba.

Completing the cast are Ricky Davao, Scarlet, JM Ibañez, Disi Alba and Cesar's brother, Rommel Montano.

Cesar said that there are plans of submitting Biktima to foreign film festivals. "We're going to submit to Sundance this month.”

“Biktima” produced by Alba Productions and distributed by Star Cinema, opens on September 19.

With Actor Cesar Montano during the "Biktima" Press Conference 
With "Biktima" Director RD Alba

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