February 28, 2013

Financial businesses embrace Globe Business security solutions

“Information technology is vital to that security because nowadays, our day-to-day financial transactions involve not simply cash or gold reserves but data: money and goods are traded in the form of bits and bytes of information exchanged across the world,” said Manny Aligada, Head of Corporate & SME Segments, Globe Business. 
WebEye service from Globe Business provides reliable, real-time, Internet-based surveillance of office premises, ATM booths, vaults and other off-limits areas that financial institutions need to protect. The images captured by WebEye are accessible via desktop PC, laptop, netbook,  tablet device, or smartphone, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
In  a high-stakes, high-risk industry like finance, data security is of paramount importance. Not only are millions of dollars’ (or pesos) worth of assets at stake, but the trust and confidence of one’s clients, as well. This makes advanced, reliable, and secure information technology a must for every financial institution.

“There are millions of financial transactions going on in the world every minute, from ATM withdrawals to credit card purchases, to trade at the stock market. The challenge is, with financial activities already on a global scale, how to secure these activities," said Aligada.

Globe Business provides Fleet Management Service that uses GPS tracking technology to monitor the location of company vehicles in real time. Entrepreneurs can now know exactly where their vehicles and personnel are while on the move, and even determine what is the best route to take to avoid traffic and other delays.

According to Aligada, Globe Business offers state-of-the-art, advanced and reliable information technology-based security products and services to financial institutions. These infotech solutions are maintained, updated and secured at the optimum level through the infrastructure of the Globe Telecom network. 

“A fast, secure and reliable Internet connection is a given for any financial enterprise. You simply cannot make financial transactions without it anymore. Besides an Internet connection, however, there are other solutions that such an enterprise needs for security reasons,” said Aligada. 

He also added that Globe Business’ solutions are customizable to the unique needs of all types of financial institutions, so it is important that these companies sit down with their Globe Business representative to discuss their needs. 

Secured business data 

Financial institutions would do well to organize and secure their data and ICT resources through the Globe Business’ Data Center—a technologically advanced, highly secured facility built for data storage.
Financial institutions like banks, insurance offices, pawnshops, moneychangers, lending companies and similar businesses will reap tremendous benefits from WebEye, an Internet-based surveillance system. WebEye also helps banks in particular to comply with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) security regulations requiring them to install surveillance cameras in their premises, as well as ATM sites.
Data Center offers a wide range of services including co-location, dedicated service hosting, LAN-based Internet, media storage, disaster recovery seats, recovery services, and email hosting. 

Financial institutions rely on and process huge amounts of data—especially confidential information—so ensuring that this information is utilized in a fast, reliable and secure way is of vital importance.

Lost or compromised data, whether due to a computer virus, deliberate hacking, spying or data theft; or computer hardware/system failure, is disastrous for business. Globe Business’ Data Center prevents such a catastrophe, which would otherwise result in losing the confidence and trust of clients and investors. 

Private network 

Globe Business offers financial institutions two services, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Express, and the Multi-Protocol Label Switch (MPLS) that allow authorized personnel to remotely access business data and connect a company's branches and company sites. 

VPN lets one read company emails, upload and download files, check reports, and do other business tasks—even outside the office. This business solution ensures private, secure communication between two or more multi-site companies. It provides real-time connectivity and access to a company’s secured network. Executives, managers, and consultants may access business data and assist their colleagues; all in real time live from home or anywhere with Internet access.

VPN Express provides highly secured and efficient networking between the financial institution’s head office and its company sites.

On the other hand, MPLS allows interconnection of systems and applications among business branches within a scalable and reliable network. It's most useful to any finance-related business whose branches need to coordinate with one another to ensure quality service to clients. 

The MPLS has three levels of Quality of Service—Standard, Business, and Premium—to manage network traffic in a cost effective manner. 

Pro-active security, surveillance 

Globe Business has a Security and Surveillance service that gives owners greater control over securing company sites. Security and Surveillance installs security devices (such as motion and door sensors, panic buttons) that are linked to Globe M2M Management System. 

When an intruder breaks in to the secured site for example, the M2M security devices send out alerts through the computer network. This signals the system to deploy an emergency response team to deal with the threat. 

The M2M Security and Surveillance system is pro-active and preventive: the security devices are always ready to activate alarms and trigger an emergency response. 

All in all, Globe Business' M2M Solutions optimize the functionality and productivity of a company's machines/assets. They make business operations less costly yet more efficient. They also provide greater security and control over a company's mobile and fixed assets. 

M2M Solutions are ideal for financial enterprises such as banks, pawnshops, as well as other businesses—including the food and/or service industries (restaurants, resorts, hotels, etc.); manufacturing, distribution—that rely on machine-to-machine networking and pro-active security. 
Direct Internet by Globe Business provides financial institutions with high-speed, reliable Internet access of up to 10 Mbps. On the other hand, bankers, stock-brokers, insurance agents, consultants and other finance professionals, who are always on the go, will benefit from Globe Tattoo Broadband which provides Internet access, anytime, anywhere.

Watch through WebEye 

Every financial institution also needs to monitor and secure its physical premises. For this, Globe Business offers WebEye, an online video surveillance system that monitors activities in one’s business premises and streams these video images through a private, secure Internet connection. The surveillance videos are viewable by management and other authorized personnel on any Internet device: a desktop computer; laptop; mobile phone or tablet.

Banks, insurance offices, pawnshops, moneychangers, lending companies and other businesses that need to secure its premises—including hotels, restaurants, bars or resorts; factories; warehouses; retail outlets; government/law enforcement agencies—will reap tremendous benefits from this service.

WebEye will also help financial institutions, banks in particular, comply with Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) security regulations. For example, in 2008, the BSP released BSP Circular number 620 to banks, requiring them to install surveillance cameras in their premises, and also to similarly secure ATM sites. 

Automated trunklines 

Financial institutions need infrastructure that allows constant communication between personnel in various departments and their clients.

This need is best served through Globe Business’ Integrated Services Digital Network - Primary Rate Interface (ISDN PRI), an innovative solution for business voice. It provides fast, accurate data transmission over existing copper telephone wiring. 

ISDN PRI is composed of 30 channels with corresponding subscriber numbers capable of both outgoing and incoming calls, providing direct connection without need to pass through an operator. ISDN PRI provides clear, digital transmission for voice and data communications. 

“Information technology and modern telecommunications are our allies in securing our businesses and keeping the confidence and trust of our clients. Globe Business is the best partner that a financial institution can have when it comes to securing their data and their offices, as well as providing their communications needs,” said Aligada. 

Learn more about what Globe Business can do for you by visiting http://business.globe.com.ph/ or calling (02) 730-1288. 

Globe Business is the corporate arm of Globe Telecom, the leading mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. Globe Business provides wireless and wireline solutions for a diverse set of industries, businesses, and commercial enterprises. It assures SMEs of affordable, reliable, and dependable services for all communication needs, both wireless and wireline solutions, to generate the highest possible profit at the lowest possible cost. 

Experience the benefits of having customized solutions to support your business.
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