VoiceBlast , a web app for effective response

VoiceBlast is a free online service that allows every type of organization to market, sell, remind, promote, advertise, survey, ask, help and assist its clients, members, patients, students, donors, voters, constituents, and every kind of customer by way of a short voice message every now and then.

Everyone needs Voice-blasting now - for small and medium enterprises, schools and universities, politicians, government agencies, event planners and coordinators, recruitment companies, hospitals, clinics, doctors, and non-profit organizations and all! 

GoAutoDial Inc., a three-and-a-half year old Filipino I.T. company owned and managed by veterans of the BPO, IT, retail and direct selling, telecom and media industries introduced the VoiceBlast during a meetup with the technology enthusiasts held at the Zarzuela, Shangrila Plaza East Wing, Edsa last October 2 as organized by Mr. Ron Villagonzalo of Sagabay BPO.

VoiceBlast, a web app for effective customer responce,  is a free online service by GoAutoDial Inc.
Rafael “Raffy” Pekson II
“Gone are the days when you run marketing campaigns through SMS which are usually deleted by the recipient” says Rafael “Raffy” Pekson II, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of GoAutoDial Inc. 

“VoiceBlast is the next generation marketing tool that’s free to use and each answered call costs as little as 65 centavos,” adds Pekson.

He shared to us that by simply sign up for free and start configuring VoiceBlast campaign profiles "like you were fixing your Facebook profile."

VoiceBlast is responsive, unlike text (SMS) or e-mail blasting. GoAutoDial’s VoiceBlast will make more sense than blasting your customers with SMS/text messages, e-mails, tweets and other non-verbal conversations.

"When someone picks up the phone, that’s pertinent data for you. When someone stays on the line for the entire length of your voice message, that’s pertinent data. When someone presses “1″ or other key selections, that’s pertinent data. When the line is always busy, that’s pertinent data. When no one answers the call, that’s pertinent data. If the number is not available or is a terminated number, that’s pertinent data," adds Pekson.

When you want to begin VoiceBlast-ing your message to your customers, simply sign up at www.justgocloud.com, for free! After signing up, you will receive an automated message asking you to confirm your new account. With this, GoAutoDial also provides you 120 minutes of free calls to the U.S. and Canada to test-demo calls and have a feel of the web app.

Once you have configured your VoiceBlast campaign in JustGoCloud.com, prepay no less than $50 USD (or about P2,200 at $1:P44 conversion rate) via PayPal or BDO deposit. Credits are automated via PayPal while for BDO deposits, you’ll need to scan or photograph the deposit slip and e-mail that back to GoAutoDial (it sometimes takes 24 to 48 hours before the online account is updated).

To simply use the Voiceblast, just refer to the “TUTORIALS” link for all DIY materials and video tutorials via http://support.goautodial.com.

There are no long term contract requirements, no monetary deposits, no monthly subscription charges and no set up fees. 

For more information and updates visit  http://goautodial.com/voiceblast/.

With VoiceBlast, decision-making now becomes immediate because pertinent data is available right away. No waiting time. No guesses. No false observations. You know what each of your customers’ reactions are. Then, you know what to do next – correctly, precisely and immediately.

About GoAutoDial, Inc.

GoAutoDial Inc. is a Filipino information technology company that markets and sells telephony and call center-oriented products and services to the global business community needing IP- based telephony solutions for voice-based customer contact operations. GoAutoDial Inc. provides products and services that enable business to conduct sales, marketing, service and support business activities using IP-based telephony systems and technologies for voice-based customer contact operations. The GoAutoDial solution intends to simplify your information technology infrastructure, ease the use of a customer contact system, enhance the service experience of your customers, give you greater manageability and control of your business, scale up or down your operations anytime, all being done towards lowering your total cost of ownership.

The GoAutoDial solution allows blended call handling of each agent or rep, including automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), predictive dialing, call recording, and three-way conference calling. It comes bundled with dozens of pre-defined monitoring tools, reports and analytics, as well as utilities that allow you to define your own sets of reports.

Today, there more than 40,000 organizations in the world that have installed the GoAutoDial telephony software solution in their onsite servers. GoAutoDial’s cloud based version, JustGoCloud, boasts more than 5,000 global users since it was introduced in January 2012, with multiple, mirrored clouds in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.

GoAutoDial Inc.
Unit 3004, 30th Floor, Antel Global Corporate Center, 
No. 3 Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center Pasig City 1605.

Corporate website: www.goautodial.com
Blog site: http://blog.goautodial.com
VoiceBlast information: www.goautodial.com/voiceblast
All about the cloud: www.goautodial.com/cloud
JustGoCloud (where the VoiceBlast feature resides): www.justgocloud.com
VoIP service for call centers: www.justgovoip.com
Global technical forum website: www.goautodial.org

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