January 20, 2014

Western Digital My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud Storage System

You need a cloud of your own?  Keep your content safe at home, get abundant storage and blazing-fast performance without paying monthly fees.

An storage device to store, organize and back up your photos, videos, music and important documents all in one place.

Use WD’s free apps to upload, access and share from anywhere with your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Here is the EX4 

The EX4 is meant for the home consumer or small office or business. Although an entry level product, the EX4 is remarkably robust in its feature set. Like many storage devices it has a web based interface that allows you to configure the device. In the case of the EX4 it sets the bar pretty high for all other storage devices, even many in the enterprise category.

User interface has only recently become an area which manufacturers are interested in seeking refinement and ease of use. 

As you can already tell, we like the way the EX4 interacts with the user. The interface is clean, logical, easy to use, navigate, and configure. As a testament to this the device took a grand total of 5 minutes get unpacked, installed, and start using. Plugged in and turned and fully booted we dove right in.

Visit http://www.wdc.com.ph/en/ to learn more about the personal cloud and how My Cloud can help you save everything and access anywhere. 

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