April 19, 2014

‘Hearing Colors’ by Eyedress

Eyedress recently release his brand new mixtape ‘Hearing Colors’ and it features 12 brand new tracks recorded in his bedroom in Manila. It is the follow up to his debut EP ‘Supernatural’ (released last year).

Based in Quezon City, Manila, Eyedress is 23-year-old Filipino producer, Idris Vicuña. This album was recorded using Fruity Loops in his bedroom on a PC laptop handed down to him by his father. Since his emergence he has supported the likes of Jungle, Grimes and Mac DeMarco, and earned plaudits from the likes of I-D, The Observer and Dazed & Confused. Those who caught his debut UK live shows last month were captivated - with NME describing one as “far from the cliché of a bedroom producer as it’s possible to imagine – it’s punk as fuck, weird and utterly compelling.”

“Eyedress sounds like nobody but himself. Keep your eye on what he does next” – NME

“Set to do to Manila, what Arcade Fire did to Montreal and Pulp did to Sheffield” ~ Dazed

“Spacey songs by young Filipinos about nearly killing your girlfriend while hiking aren’t nearly common enough these days” – The Guardian

Eyedress will return to UK/Europe in May for a string of shows, including The Great Escape. 

LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD IT AT: http://eyedress.hearing-colors.com


Salaamin (Ft. Skint Eastwood)
Nature Trips 
My Hologram 
Biolumine (Ft. Skint Eastwood) 
Arhuaco (Ft. Skint Eastwood) 
Triduum (Ft. Skint Eastwood) 
Luna Llena (Ft. Skint Eastwood) 
White Lies 
Periastron (Ft. Skint Eastwood) 
Everything We Touch Turns Into Gold 
Don't Disappear

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