April 15, 2014

Philips and Disney work together to light your child’s imagination

Philips and Disney discover a whole new world of inspiration, enchantment and magic through light!
As we all know, children sometimes feel restless and unable to sleep come bedtime. Parents always think of something that will help your child sleep through the night. When you provide lampshades, lights in the dark, will establish good sleep routines. It will ensure your child to comfortably sleep.

Parents know how active their children’s imaginations are and how important it is to create an environment that helps them feel safe and comforted while stimulating their minds.

That’s why Philips and Disney have teamed up to develop a range of inspiring, magical, and playful lighting products for children, parents, and everybody young-at-heart. The new Philips and Disney range of lighting products combines Philips’ groundbreaking innovation in lighting with the magic of Disney characters and story telling to transform a child’s bedroom into a more imaginative place for them to read, play, and sleep.

At Philips, we know that light can help enhance people’s mood, wake them more naturally, help them concentrate and perform better*, or simply make them feel happier.

The new Philips and Disney lighting range has been created to inspire children’s play and magical family moments as well as provide comfort to kids through Disney characters they know and love. Whether it’s helping little ones’ sleeping and waking rituals, making playtime as vivid as their imagination, or making story time more enchanted and immersive, there is a Philips and Disney solution for every moment or stage of their day.

The Monsters Inc. SoftPals is also a good nighttime companion with its feature to introduce just enough light to ensure they feel safe and comforted throughout the night. Or you can also help them create their magical make-believe during playtime with the new LivingColors Mini Mickey & Minnie with its wide range of colors to choose from that can transport your children into an imaginary world of their own creation.

The new range of Philips and Disney lighting products comes with child-friendly features. The Smart Philips LED technology keeps the lamps robust and kind to little hands by being cool to the touch. They even have the added bonus of having an extremely long lifespan as well. Each light is also designed to ensure that there are no small parts or sharp edges to worry about, and cables can be tidied away using velcro cable binders – part of the Philips design to keep little fingers safe.

“Philips and Disney believe in creating moments and environments that improve people’s wellbeing and happiness. By bringing our collective brand, knowledge and histories together, we have created a range of safe, innovative and dynamic lighting solutions for children, parents and everybody young-at-heart,” said Ms. Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno, Philips Country Manager and General Manager for Lighting.

“We want to inspire amazing memories through delivering exciting, interactive and innovative lighting that the whole family can trust and enjoy.”

Philips and Disney lighting range:

· Philips and Disney SoftPals in Sulley and Mike from Monsters Inc., classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse - the perfect night time friends are key for setting rituals such as story time and getting your children in to the habit of sleeping through the night.

· Philips and Disney LivingColors Micro lamps in Cars, and Princess - with 64 colors to choose from, they can transform almost any imagined playground.

Philips and Disney Softpals and LivingColors Micro lamps are available in select Toy Kingdom stores.

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