March 3, 2015

Skin care with RCC Amazing Touch

The skin is the largest organ in the body, a barometer for overall health. Early warning signs of many diseases manifest themselves on the skin, providing practitioners with invaluable diagnostic information.

The skin that protects you from extreme cold and heat. So you also take extra care of your skin as it protects you. But even though you drink enough vitamins to nourish and protect your skin, skin conditions like Warts, Moles, keloids, Skin Tags, Syringoma and Xanthelasma can still make your skin suffer. 

Skin conditions could also affect a person’s life. If the skin condition is located in exposed areas like the neck, arms, legs and especially the face, it could attract attention from other people and it could cause irritation from the person who has it. More so, skin conditions could also lowers the self-esteem since the person who has it will be too self-conscious to live a fulfilling life.

To help you gain back your self-esteem, you need to seek treatment for your skin conditions like electrocautery, cryotherapy, surgery, over-the-counter (OTC) topical treatments or through a safer, relatively painless and affordable herbal cautery. 

Established on March 13, 1997 and 24 clinical branches later, RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. (RCCAT) continuously offers Filipinos a safe, affordable and relatively painless treatment for the removal of warts, moles, skin tags, milia, xanthelasma and other skin problems.

“We’ve been treating and removing warts and moles under the RCC company for 18 years now. But our father, inventor Rolando C. Dela Cruz, has been using the herbal cautery since the early 80s so that’s more than 30 years,” shares Richard B. Dela Cruz, RCCAT President.

To date, he tells that there are about 24 clinical branches, which are mostly located in Metro Manila. However, as the company turns a year older this March 13, he anticipates further company growth and branch expansions in other key cities in the Philippines. “We see good future for our company because as long people do have skin, they will likely develop skin growths and skin problems so our products and services will continue.”

RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. is the sole producer in the Philippines of the cashew oil-based creams for the removal of warts, moles, skin tags, xanthelasma, millia, syringoma and other skin conditions. The multi-awarded creams were produced under the strictest and high standards to ensure cleanliness, effectiveness and safety for our clienteles. With this, the company gained the support of the Philippine Government through the Department of Science and Technology (DoST). RCC inventions even became one of the official representatives of the Philippine government in international expositions and exhibits for inventions and innovations. 

“Our products are services are also expanding. Although we are known for the herbal cautery for the removal of warts and moles, our products and services are expanding to the removal of other skin growths including genital warts, which may cause embarrassment and grave medical condition if left untreated.” 

“Due to hard work and perseverance, my father, siblings and I managed to grow our company despite the challenges that we encountered when we were just starting. But we’ve been perfecting our treatment methods throughout the years. We also ensure that the efficacy and quality of our products are maintained so that we may continue the legacy of our father,” he tells.

“We invite you to visit our clinics and avail of our free consultation. Our treatments are relatively painless and affordable as compared to other treatment options.”

For more information, please visit or like us on Facebook at or email, or call (02) 442-0373. 

Avail of FREE consultations, discounts and promos in any one of the RCC Amazing Touch with 24 branches located mostly in SM malls.

DeMole is a topically-applied herbal cream preparation for the treatment and removal of all types of moles. 

Each DeMole cream kit includes: 
0.05 grams single-use pack of DeMole herbal cream preparation 

You can have a wart-free, mole-free and flawless skin at an affordable price. With RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc., beautiful skin is not expensive!

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How Rolando C. Dela Cruz Became An Inventor

Removal of warts

Removal of moles


The treatment of warts, moles, skin tags and other skin conditions could be expensive and painful: there’s the electrocuatery wherein it burns and removes skin problems using small alternating currents of electricity, there’s the cyrotherapy that uses extreme cold to freeze and remove protruding skin, there’s your usual surgery using a scalpel, and a laser surgery. However, an alternative mode of treatment using herbal cautery leaves no scarring, relatively painless, and affordable as compared to other treatment modalities. The herbal cautery is non-invasive too, which means there’s no need for surgical procedures and anesthetics. 

Brief History

The herbal cautery is a patented novel product of RCC Amazing Touch’s inventor Rolando C. Dela Cruz. The inventor was first a barber before he became a world-renowned inventor of several herbal cautery creams. As a barber, Dela Cruz was dedicated with his work. For him, giving his 100% will ensure that his customers are satisfied and that customer satisfaction in turn will give him more income, which he needed to send himself through college. And relating his experience as a young boy in Tarlac when the oil of the cashew nut burned the warts in his hands, barber Dela Cruz saw an opportunity to offer extra service to his parokyano or suki so that he could have many customers and more income.

But little did he know that the herbal cautery that he used to offer free service of removing warts and moles on the nape, neck and face of his customers in the barbershop will actually become multi-awarded inventions here and abroad. Little did he know that the herbal cautery using the oil of the cashew nut as its active ingredient would become his bread and butter that would ensure the future of his children and their children. And little did he know that his dedication as a barber turned him into a world-class inventor and enjoyed the recognitions from the Department of Science and Technology (DoST), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and other coveted organizations in the Philippines and abroad.

The Awards and Products 

Rolando C. Dela Cruz represented the Philippines in several coveted invention expositions and competitions in Germany, Russia, Great Britain, USA and neighboring countries in Asia. The inventor consistently bagged the coveted awards landing him in the top 3 spot, but most often the Gold Medal or the grand award. He even bested participants from more than 30 countries in the British Invention Show wherein he received the most coveted Obelisk Award. 

Inventor Dela Cruz’ herbal cautery creams that removes moles (Demole) and warts (Dewarts) also gave birth to other herbal cautery creams for the removal of milia, skin tags, and xanthelasma. His success in herbal cautery also gave birth to the invention of DeBCC or the cream for the treatment and control of basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. DeBCC Cream, currently undergoing clinical trial for skin patients in the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), was even recognized by the stringent American College of Surgeons (ACS).

The Company

Established on March 13, 1997 and duly recognized by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. has now 24 branches located in major cities in the Philippines. The company, mainly established through sheer dedication of inventor RCC and his family, started off in a tiangge stall in Greenhills, San Juan. The inventor together with his eldest son Richard B. Dela Cruz, President of RCC Amazing Touch, would conduct the demonstration on how to use to cream for the removal of warts and moles; while his other children would give out flyers to passersby. 

Some passersby were curious enough to try their products, but some would even accuse them of being quack doctors. But the efficacy of their products can’t simply be ignored that customers soon noticed and started availing of the treatments.


The herbal cautery creams uses what ingredients? 

The creams use the oil of the cashew nut as active or main ingredient. 

What should I expect during treatment? 

The Dermatological Assistant or Dermtech will clean the affected area and lightly scratch the affected skin using a sterile needle or toothpick. This will allow easier and faster absorption of the herbal cautery cream. 

What will I feel during treatment? 

You will feel a stinging sensation upon application of the cream in the affected skin area. The stinging sensation tells that the cream effectively penetrated the affected skin. If no stinging sensation was felt, the Dermtech will repeat the procedure. Don’t worry, the procedure is non-invasive and relatively painless. 

How long is the treatment? 

The Dermtech will leave the cream on the affected skin for about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of the warts or moles. You will see a little swelling on the treated skin. The color of the treated skin will also range from dark brown, red or black due to its cauterizing effect. 

How long will it take to completely remove the moles, warts and other skin condition? 

It may take at least 1 to 3 weeks for small to medium-sized moles to dry, scab and naturally peel off. It may take longer up to five (5) weeks for thick and large moles. Reminder: Let the scab peel off naturally. 

How my skin will look like after the scab peels off? 

The skin where the mole fell off will take on the color of red or pink for up to 30 days or more before the skin will take on its natural color. 

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