July 2, 2015

Marian Rivera - Dantes, Beautiful at her Most Natural

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera comes back, more beautiful than ever, in Shokubutsu Hana Shampoo’s new TVC.

Now Mrs. Marian Rivera Dantes, the pregnant 30-year-old was beaming with natural glow in the recent Hana Press Conference held at Makati Diamond Residences, Legaspi, Makati CIty, where she renewed her ties with the hair care brand that advocates natural beauty, an easy feat for the actress whose beauty supersedes any artificial modification or filters.
Marian Rivera renewing /signing contract with Shokubutso Hana during the press conference , July 25, 2015 , Makati Diamond Residences. (Photo: http://instagram.com/msmyrnz)
When it comes to Marian, the entire entertainment industry knows that what you see is what you get. There is no filter to how she communicates with every person she meets.

Her actions unguarded, you can expect her to always act her natural self. And with her hair cared for by Hana Shampoo, she remains effortlessly beautiful as she goes about her daily life.

A decade since she first appeared on TV, the Spanish-Filipina beauty remains to be among the most in demand actresses in the country – talk about standing the test of time. With millions of very passionate fans all over the country, her influence has helped propel the brand in the past year.

Without a doubt, Marian is the epitome of natural beauty. Her mix of fierceness and sincerity shine through her passion for every project she makes, making her and Hana the perfect fit.

Hana Shampoo, which entered the country in 2013, believes that hair is most beautiful in its natural form. Free from unnecessary layers and artificial filters, Hana brings hair to life by adding vitality and nutrition to your hair, using 100% natural cleansing ingredients.

Hana Shampoo for hair that is full of life and naturally beautiful.

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