November 22, 2015

Don’t let wrinkles ruin your perfect OOTD

Keep the wrinkles on your clothes at bay with Philips’ ClearTouch Garment Steamer and SteamGlide steam iron.

What is your OOTD?
“Clothes play a big part in creating first impressions among people. Philips wants to make sure that our consumers’ clothes look their best everyday without adding extra effort to do so,”  says Reah Ronsayro, Philips’ Business Development Manager for kitchen appliance.
Steam technology makes ironing effortless by working through hard-to-smooth creases faster and easier. Clothes are sure to be wrinkle-free throughout the day.”

Showing off your personal style is now as easy as simply uploading a picture on your social media accounts. Being the main focus of the Outfit of the Day (OOTD), the look of the clothes is essential. Garments, whether branded or not, can look just as good when carefully washed and ironed—and just as bad when they’re not.

Wrinkled clothing can turn an OOTD from wonderful to disastrous. It shows a lack of care and meticulousness, giving you a bad image to the viewers of your post. Wrinkles can and will break your attire.

Any kind of fabric needs extra care. So in choosing an appliance to iron your clothes, it is essential to find one that is easily customizable to meet the delicacy of your garments so they stay free from wrinkles and damage. To address this need, Philips offers the ClearTouch Garment Steamer and SteamGlide Steam Iron that will ensure picture-perfect clothes with every single use. 

The Philips ClearTouch Garment Steamer, equipped with state-of-the-art steam distribution system and an extra large stainless steam nozzle, easily clears creases off both delicate and non-delicate fabrics. In addition, its extra powerful steam output, clothes come out looking perfect for OOTDs.

For those who want to stick with the traditional way of ironing, the Philips SteamGlide Steam Iron will ensure clothes are ironed out to their finest thanks to its unique SteamGlide soleplate and constant high steam output. The iron also features a 110 g steam boost, enabling easy removal of even the most stubborn of creases

Philips is currently offering the ClearTouch Garment Steamer and the SteamGlide Steam Iron as part of its Big Switch Garment Steamer upgrade at True Value stores. Enjoy 40 percent off on Philips ClearTouch Garment Steamer and SteamGlide Steam Iron in exchange for any used or unused iron from any brand. Promo runs from November 1–30, 2015.

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