October 18, 2016

Beauty Break : CUTERA Treats Bloggers to Premium Face and Body Laser Treatment

On women's beautification adventures and in the interest of science, most women nowadays have tried a variety of health and beauty treatments that I have heard and seen demonstrated on TV. 

Laser treatments can be used for a range of issues: from hair removal and ageing skin to acne scars and unsightly veins. Because of the wide-ranging benefits, laser is becoming increasingly popular. 

You’ve probably heard about these treatments, too: laser hair removal, vein eraser and cellulite-reduction treatment. For me, big questions always are: Are they safe? Do the treatments work? How uncomfortable are they? Are the results lasting? Are they affordable? 

CUTERA, the preferred laser treatment brand of top beauty doctors here and abroad invited some beauty and lifestyle bloggers for a “Beauty Break” that allowed them to experience the CUTERA difference in face and body aesthetics. 

Beauty and Lifestyle bloggers experience "Beauty Break" on October 5, 2016 held at Aruga Hotel by Rockwell, Waterfront Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City.

The event showcased not just the premium quality of the CUTERA face and body laser treatment but also triggered the company’s call for better awareness of the public when availing of laser treatment services. 
“CUTERA is a premium brand of face and body treatment from the US, engineered and designed to provide instant results and guarantees a safe and non-invasive procedure,” Liz Endrinal, Head of Therapeutic Sales of Cutera Philippines, said.

CUTERA Philippines has a formidable lineup of laser treatment machine that addresses the following face and body concerns:
  • Enlighten that helps erase and lighten benign pigmented lesions such as melasma and sun spots. It is also the Cutera power machine for effective tattoo removal
  • Excel V is the Cutera machine that takes away ages of your face as well as addresses leg veins, freckles and brown spots 
  • The Cutera XEO machine provides instant results versus inflammatory acne, brown spots for elderly people, leg and facial veins, angiomas and rosacea or the diffused redness on the face
  • Cutera’s truSculpt machine employs the stamp motion in deep tissue healing that delivers effective fat reduction. 
  • Titan is the go-to Cutera machine for natural lifting, skin tightening and skin laxity 

Exquisitely Engineered, Efficiency Delivered

With skin, body, and facial treatments that have emerged largely in the Metro, it is anxious for us to easily trust clinics and even the process itself. 

CUTERA remains loyal to define the forefront of medical aesthetics with devices exquisitely engineered to deliver the highest level of performance, safety, and efficacy—providing a wide range of Face and Body medical aesthetic applications, with results that drive patient satisfaction, and inspire trust to medical aesthetic practitioners in the Philippines. 

CUTERA, officially distributed in the Philippines by MEDEV Medical Devices Corp., continues to emerge in the Philippine face and body healthcare industry with top caliber names such as the Dr. Aivee Medical Clinic, Nisce Skin N’ Face Clinic, Belo Medical Group, Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, DLSU Medical Center, Skin and Cancer Foundation, among others.

“With CUTERA and the partnered clinics present in the Philippines, we make sure that our equipment promise and deliver results, justified by our growing “CUTERA Cult” that have seen these specific results,” Endrinal said. 

CUTERA also proudly shared that the government hospital, East Avenue Medical Center, is now equipped with a CUTERA XEO multi-platform machine with pearl fractional that immediately resolves problems on acne and box type scars and resurfacing of the affected facial area.

CUTERA has also penetrated Baguio, Davao and Bicol with the installation of CUTERA XEO laser treatment machines in specialized clinic in each of the said provinces.

`Say no to refurbished machines’ 

CUTERA also used the opportunity to reinforce their call against second hand and refurbished laser treatment machines that pose a great risk to patient’s safety.
“There are a lot of horror stories that involved 2nd hand and refurbished laser treatment machines, the most common of which are burns and blisters.  That is why we have been espousing and promoting patient education by choosing only brand new laser treatment machines of CUTERA to ensure their safety and to guarantee instant and effective results,” Endrinal affirmed.
She adds that 2nd hand and refurbished laser treatment machines are not regularly calibrated as it is supposed to, thus, preventing it from emitting the required laser energy to treat patients.  
“That is why if you stumble on a clinic that offers laser treatment machine at an unbelievably cheap rate, be very scared. Either you won’t get the results that you want or worse, you will get hurt in the process,” Endrinal adds.

To know more about the different face and body laser treatments of Cutera, visit their official Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/CuteraPhilippines     

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