March 12, 2017

Vincent Soberano's action horror thriller film "Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids" stars Sarah Chang

"Blood Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids" is an action-packed fantasy/martial arts film by director Vincent Soberano. 

Vincent Soberano

One exclusive interview with Director Vincent Soberano, a real martial art expert and eight times Muay Thai world Champion shared to us that his main motivation in doing the action thriller film Blood Hunters is to promote Filipino martial arts in Filipino movies to the international audiences. This sets the stage of a new era of Filipino action films penetrating the international market. " They’ve used Filipino martial arts in blockbuster action films like John Wick, Jason Bourne, Frankenstein and other films, no one knows its Filipino because its always portrayed by Hollywood stars. I think it's time to change it. A cultural, martial arts, fantasy action film is always a great combination if done right. This is the perfect blend that we want to achieve."

We also meet "Blood Hunters" lead female star Sarah Chang, American Born Chinese action actress and Wushu Practioner, Sarah Chang, five-time USA National Wushu Team member.

Growing up influenced in martial arts from childhood and having trained with the likes of those familiar with action star Jet Li. Sarah now is candidate for Mulan movie. Excitingly, Sarah shared that an independent trailer for The Rise of Mulan show her in the title role.

She said that in the Blood Hunters movie, her character as Gabriela, "never gives up on conquering the pain, conquering yourself. Gabriela never gives up, Vince (Soberano's character) will never give up on his dream. Blood Hunters will conquer the world." 

Sarah said that the film will promote and showcase different kinds of martial arts from all over the world.

“And what it is to work with all different cultures in the world. Like martial arts is its own community, we all speak martial arts,” said Sarah.

"Blood Hunters" combines bone-crunching martial arts action with mysterious and mythical characters from ancient Filipino folklore. A secret organization hires ruthless mercenaries to hunt down the queen of aswang, an underworld species. Their goal: to extract her blood, which has the capability of bringing humans back from the dead and transforming them into aswang creatures.

The 1st Filipino International Action-Fantasy-Martial Arts Movie "Blood Hunters" is set to show the world that Asian actors for Asian roles is the new Hollywood.

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