December 4, 2017

Juarez Siblings: Family Goals

The Bee Gees, The Carpenters, The Corrs, Hanson, The Jackson 5, Jonas Brothers, The Moffatts, The Pointer Sisters. These are only some of the famous siblings who skyrocketed the charts with their musical talents, creativity, and commercial success as a group.

If these characteristics worked wonders to the famous broods, then musical success is also possible and within reach by the Juarez siblings composed of Anton, Miko, and Aiana. As the newest talents of Asian Artists Agency, Inc. (AAAI), the siblings are steadily making a name for themselves in the local music scene.

These brood of musicians once formed a band called Game4 whose song covers can be viewed on YouTube. Their family moved to Canada in 2011 but returned to the country last year to give way to Miko’s audition in ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Boyband Superstar.

Anton Juarez is a gifted singer-songwriter who started his love affair with song writing when he was 13. He penned the hit debut single Hugot of the singing duo Miko and Gab. He shares, “One evening last year, I wrote Hugot. It was from 11 pm to 3 in the morning.” Little did Anton know that the single will become an instant hit among fans and music lovers. The single is currently at the top of the chart at MOR 101.9 and its official music video is gaining a number of views, shares, and likes. Anton’s music credentials include penning the song Restart Back to Love (with Jonathan Manalo) and writing songs for artists like Yeng Constantino.

Younger brother Miko Juarez got the public glued on television when he joined Pinoy Boyband Superstar. He became an instant heartthrob among fangirls. He lasted until 12 aspirants remained. When asked about his take on fame, Miko said, “Fame doesn’t happen overnight so we have to work hard and improve our skills if we want to last in this industry. Our family goal is to support and bring out the best in one another and to create good music that can inspire people.”

As the other half of the singing duo Miko and Gab, he is overwhelmed and grateful for the public’s interest in them. Their song Hugot can be downloaded in Spotify and iTunes.

The youngest and only rose among the thorns, AIANA is a real head-turner. If looks is not enough, wait until you hear her sing. She has viral covers of Titibo-Tibo by Moira dela Torre and Dahil Sa ‘Yo by Iñigo Pascual. “Like music, we siblings live in harmony. I thank my kuyas for being there for me. I can always rely on them. It’s fun jamming along with my brothers. When someone starts humming tiyak na there’s another one who will sing along with the tune.” Aiana is also featured together with Miko and Gab doing a cover of Too Good at Goodbyes. 

You can follow Anton, Miko, and Aiana at their social media accounts.
Anton, Miko, and Aiana Juarez are talents of Asian Artists Agency. For inquiries, please call (02) 855-4765 or (02) 405-4423,, and visit

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