September 16, 2018

‘The Hopeful Romantic’, insanely, shamelessly hilarious, sexy romance movie

A unique and quirky pairing, Pepe Herrera and Ritz Azul together in ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ are dynamic, unpredictable, and “combustible” pairing as they did great in the comedy, hilarity, and guilty laugh-out-loud moments.

Pepe Herrera fits this role so well as the ambitious, unsophisticated, and goofy guy who is totally clueless of the world’s ways yet aspires to still find his “dream girl”.

Ritz is one of the prettiest and classiest looking young actresses around today in Philippine Cinema. Ritz portrays the role of Veronica, a gold-digger and devirginized a virgin.

Their comical pairing alone is a precursor of all the funny mishaps, misfortunes, and misadventures at ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ movie from Regal Entertainment, Inc., directed by Topel Lee, an acclaimed Filipino film director, TV director and music video director and cinematographer.

With Pepe and Ritz and full cast , this is a very interesting and connected to real life, ‘The Hopeful Romantic’ has been proven that comedians or funny guys–never mind their looks, though–make great partners for women looking to be with someone who can make them laugh.

Here's a romcom movie with a super valuable life lesson.
As Veronica, Ritz portrays a kept woman in the high society world and a woman who tries to survive despite being difficult life she has gone through.  
Then one day, he meets Jess (Pepe Herrera), a valet parking assistant at a posh hotel, who is also honest and most of all, a virgin. He promised himself that he will only give himself when he already found his true love. 
Jess meets Veronica gets mesmerized by her presence. One thing lead to another, and Veronica gave Jess the “first time”. Jess, believing in the magic of what happened between them, decides that Veronica is his one true love. 
However, there is one problem; Veronica has no idea that he is not rich. Afraid that revealing himself will make him lose Veronica, Jess starts to pretend the part. He kept on doing this until his resources spill away. The inevitable happens, and Veronica learns the truth about Jess.

The Hopeful Romantic opens September 12, 2010. The funniest romantic film of the season is directed by Topel Lee. 

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Congratulations and best wishes to the whole cast, direk Topel Lee and production team!

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