Who Will Be The American Idol 2012?

America will crown its new Idol now!  Will it be Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, or Joshua Ledet?

Jessica is probably the best female vocalist who has ever been on the show. Joshua is probably the best male vocalist on the show and Phillip who is probably the most artistic vocalist ever. It's all up to America now.

Jessica who’s of Filipino and Latino heritage and has reportedly garnered heavy support from voters in those communities across the United States.

Jessica Sanchez gets endorsement from President Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines who has reportedly chosen his winner for Idol.

President Aquino says he is happy Jessica Sanchez is one of the singing contest's top three finalists. Aquino says he wants to see 16-year-old Filipina and California native Jessica Sanchez take the win this year.

Hopefully she really reaches the top,” the president said of Jessica.

I really hope that the next American Idol would be our Jessica Sanchez.

Wishing you all the best Jessica ! 

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Vivi said...

I want Jessica to win too, but lets face it, that would be tough not because she is not deserving, all of them deserves it actually. For me the best is Jessica and Joshua but now it is just a popularity contest so Philip may end up winning!

Gemma|My Dailies said...

keeping my fingers crossed too! hope she gets into finals!!!! we will know tonight!!!


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