September 6, 2012

NESTLÉ's Changing Innovation with Maggi Magic Meals

NESTLÉ launches another game! Changing Innovation with  MAGGI MAGIC MEALS.  I am one of the lucky people who witnessed the grand launch of the MAGGI MAGIC MEALS at the Blue Leaf Pavillion in McKinley Hills, Taguig last August 29.
It is a first-in-the-world recipe solution designed for use in a rice cooker. A steaming while rice and a hearty serving of viand (“ulam”) means a complete meal for an average Filipino.   Nothing spells home-cooked meal more than the image of generous servings of tender meat and vegetables slow-cooked in a rich sauce, the latter inevitably to be spooned over a hefty mound or two of rice. To help the country rediscover the magic of meals prepared and enjoyed at home, NESTLÉ introduces one of its game-changing innovations to date---MAGGI MAGIC MEALS. 
“With today’s busy lifestyle, many are finding it hard to sit down to a hearty, wholesome, balanced meal at home,   much less cook one themselves,” says Star Estacio, Senior Vice President and Business Executive Manager for Food at NESTLÉ. 

“MAGGI MAGIC MEALS offers a solution not only through mouth-watering recipes guaranteed to gather the whole family around the table, but more so through an  innovative and modern way of cooking that is so easy and efficient, it’s going to make Filipinos want to cook at home more often.”
Not just a recipe mix, MAGGI MAGIC MEALS not only offers a recipe flavoring, it also offers a simple and effective method of cooking using the most ubiquitous cooking appliance in Filipino homes—the rice cooker.  The MAGGI MAGIC MEALS pack has a dual chamber containing the MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX and the MAGGI MAGIC COOKING BAG. It is a most unique cooking kit. The MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX guarantees a complete and proper blend of flavors, there is no need to add anything else except the fresh meat and vegetables.  

The MAGGI MAGIC COOKING BAG, on the other hand, guarantees that the “ulam” can be cooked together with rice using a rice cooker.  Once in the rice cooker, the cooking bag ensures that the meat and vegetables cook in its own juice at the proper doneness, and the sauce develops into a thick and hearty consistency. There is no need to keep checking for doneness or to keep correcting the sauce for the right “timpla.”  After 45 minutes, one can say that he/she has prepared a wholesome, balanced meal complete with rice. 

With MAGGI MAGIC MEALS, anyone can gain instant know-how in cooking some of the most complex Filipino recipes.  Pinoy favorites like Bicol Express, Afritada, Lechon Paksiw and Chicken Pastel can now all be prepared in a method that is as easy and as simple as cooking rice.

Just follow these 5 simple steps to prepare the dish:

      1.  Place your chicken or pork pieces together with thinly sliced vegetables inside the MAGGI  MAGIC COOKING BAG (chicken has to be scored or sliced lightly  3 times per side to ensure thorough cooking; pork pieces need to be sliced into thin strips)

      2.    Add the MAGGI MAGIC RECIPE MIX which contains a complete blend of flavors to       create a delicious stew. No need for additional ingredients, except the fresh meat and vegetables.

       3.   Add 6 tbsps. of water into the cooking bag.
4.   Massage the bag gently to dissolve the mix, then seal the bag by tying a knot.
         5.   Place the cooking bag flatly on top of washed rice, then start cooking the rice as you normally would. After 45 mins, both rice and “ulam” are  ready to serve! I tried cooking this Chicken Afritada! 
Make the most of your resources. With an innovation such as Maggi Magic Meals, Maggi  seeks to respond to needs of the modern- day homemakers with a solution that will put their resources to optimum use. With MAGGI MAGIC MEALS, homemakers now have a new method of cooking that helps save on the cost of ingredients, gas, water and soap (less pots and pans to wash). It also frees them from the fuss and too much effort of cooking an otherwise complicated dish, and instead boosts their confidence that the end dish will be delicious. 

Most important of all, it enables homemakers to make wise use of their time. Cooking with Maggi Magic Meals means that with a few smart and ingenious moves, one can devote more time for one’s family or self while cooking.

MAGGI believes that cooking and eating at home is the foundation of many positive things for the family -  developing healthy food habits, strengthening family bond, deepening  family traditions. For this reason, we are committed to keep offering products and services that will enable homemakers to bring back the habit of cooking and make their meals and meal experiences truly magical.

The Maggi Magic Meal is consists of the following:

1. Maggi Magic Cooking Bag , which is made with a Food grade material and safe for cooking, heat resistant, but can use it only once. It is Approved by US and EU FDA.

2. Maggi Magic Recipe Mix in 4 delicious varieties: Bicol Express, Afritada, Chicken Pastel and Lechon Paksiw.
Bicol Express
Chicken Pastel
Lechon Paksiw

The Maggi Magic Recipe Meals are available at all SM, Robinsons, Shopwise, Rustans, Waltermart and Puregold Price Club branches, and other leading stores nationwide, for only P35.00.

These days, anyone can cook ! Try these and enjoy the wonderful world of Maggi Magic Meals! MAGGI MAGIC MEALS will make cooking and eating such an easy and enjoyable experience, we will want to cook at home over and over again.

Check out more photos in Enjoying Wonderful World Facebook Fanpage.

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