October 15, 2012

Billiards Legends

People, young and old, really enjoy being the part of the sport, as venturing into, as the player or simply watching. I played sometimes – basketball and billards.

There are individual or team sports that enjoy a significant following among the majority of Filipinos. Those sports afficionados  undoubtedly get hooked into certain popular if it is accessible to everyone. Like basketball, volleyball, and billiards are popular  among Filipinos, as always waking up in the morning and look at the result of a favorite sport in newspapers.

Among the sports I always love to watch, basketball, volleyball, football, boxing and billiards. Billiard halls are sprouting everywhere, especially after the high profile success of Filipino billiard players.

The Philippine billards legends -  Efren Reyes , professional pool player and a two-time world champion, considered to be one of the all-time greats in the games of nine-ball and one-pocket. Reyes, known by his nickname "Bata", and is also referred to as "The Magician" for his superb skill at the pool table.  Francisco Bustamante, professional pool player nicknamed "Django" is the reigning World Pool Champion. Also, Ronnie ‘The Volcano’ Alcano and Dennis ‘Robocop’ Orcollo attended the  billiards tournament, they played an exhibition game among themselves.

The Philippine government and advocate people continuously support the country’s various sports, events and athletes.

"Billiards now matches the popularity of basketball among Filipinos, especially the youth. Support for this sport should be encouraged and enhanced," said Sen. Villar, who led the ceremonial 'break' of the billiards tournament.
The Villar Foundation, led by its Chairman and Managing Director—Senator Manny Villar and Former Las Pinas Representative Cynthia Villar is staging the 2012 series of Villards Cup billiards tournament . Villards Cup is one of the sports-oriented programs of the Villar Foundation to encourage the youth to engage in sports, and keep them away from the streets and from illegal drugs.

Among the advocacies of the Villar Foundation is grassroots sports development throughout the country. In its 20 years of service, various sports programs have been implemented to support this thrust including Sports sa Barangay, football clinics among other.

The Villards Cup has been staged in key cities of the Philippines and has featured the best Filipino cue artists and has paved the way in discovering future billiard players.

Popular sports players considered the best in their respective sports,  their athletic skills are considered world class. They are the epitome of discipline, perseverance, and excellence. They have contributed immensely to the popularity and the development of sport in the Philippines. And hopefully for the youth empowerment and and sports development. 


Atibapangpangyayari said...

Filipinos do excel on a single competition that is why its good to know that Villar foundation somehow supports our players even in the field of billiards.

Lei said...

this was a very interesting event.. i was glad to be part of this great event


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