October 16, 2012

CCTV Patrol : Why Concerned Citizens Taking Videos Are Sending Them To “TV PATROL”

Citizens can send in their videos.  “TV Patrol” is empowering and engaging ordinary citizens in determining the day’s headlines via its segment ‘CCTV Patrol’ or Concerned Citizens Taking Videos Patrol, an initiative that capitalizes on people’s ability to gather news content and information due to their access to social media and technology.

Kabayan Noli De Castro talks to bloggers via Skype at the CCTV Patrol bloggers' conference 

‘CCTV Patrol’ features photos and videos about anything significant, remarkable, or bizarre in their communities captured using mounted closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, cellphones, and other gadgets and sent in by them.
 “TV Patrol” anchor ‘Kabayan’ Noli De Castro said a huge chunk of the videos they receive and report in the newscast depict crimes that need police intervention. The team of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs reporters will also see to it that each criminal incident aired in the segment will be probed and monitored until the perpetrators face justice.

“What’s important is the media and citizens can take part, and not simply complain about the crime situation in the country. This time, we aid the police authorities in solving crimes by being vigilant and alert,” said Kabayan.

To date, ordinary people's contributions to "CCTV Patrol" have led to some of the biggest stories that hit the headlines and revolutionized broadcast journalism in terms of reaching audiences and giving them the opportunity to influence and contribute to the news cycle.
One of the most notable videos shown in ‘CCTV Patrol’ was the robbery of alleged fugitives in a 7-Eleven convenience store in Manila and a LBC outlet in Parañaque. After the airing of Zyann Ambrosio’s report in September, the police had received numerous text messages detailing information about the suspects, which ‘TV Patrol” announced through a follow-up report.

 A CCTV footage of several men kicking and pointing a gun at a man inside his own home also went viral online after it was aired on ‘CCTV Patrol’ in August. Netizens heavily discussed the video and slammed authorities for their supposed inaction on the incident that occurred in April. Following the ‘CCTV Patrol’ report, the police had immediately identified the suspects to be members of the notorious ‘akyat-bahay gang’ and were later captured.

The police have also launched a manhunt for the suspects involved in the shooting and robbery of an ABS-CBN account executive and his companion in Mandaluyong based on a ‘CCTV Patrol’ report of a footage of the surveillance camera footage set up at the site of the incident.

Due to the success of the segment, Kabayan stressed the importance of the continued involvement of Bayan Patrollers and citizens to uncovering newsworthy events Filipinos need to know. 
“I encourage everyone to make good use of their cellphones and gadgets instead of recording trivial videos and forwarding gossip. This is a big help. The police no longer have excuses in not being able to arrest criminals identified in a footage,” he said.
Aside from airing videos that show the stealing of a motorcycle, side mirrors of a vehicle, sacks of rice, medical supplies, and cellphones, ‘CCTV Patrol’ has also broadcast footages of gruesome crimes such as the slaying of a DENR official in Isabela and the brutal killing of a doctor in Bacolod by two young men. Several CCTV reports have also been used as proof in police investigations involving the kidnapping of infants in a hospital and a grocery store.
Also serving as warning to commuters was a video filmed by a Bayan Patroller using his cellphone showing a man scouring the bag of a sleeping passenger. The said deed was described by police authorities as a method employed by a certain ‘eskoba gang’ in air-conditioned buses.
The ‘CCTV Patrol’ segment not only showcases videos of crime but also of accidents including the collision of a bus and a van in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, a CCTV footage of a car smashing a van parked along a street, and the rescue the driver who was stuck in a van after a rollover.
Kabayan Noli De Castro via Skype and host Atom Araullo
The first CCTV Patrol Bloggers' Conference was held today with Kabayang Noli de Castro , TV Patrol supervising producer Cheryl Favila and ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs head Ging Reyes. Kabayan Noli De Castro, is in Mindanao,  talks to bloggers via Skype. 
Kabayan Noli De Castro talks to bloggers via Skype at the
CCTV Patrol bloggers' conference
CCTV Patrol bloggers' conference 
CCTV Patrol bloggers' conference 
ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head Ging Reyes 
TV Patrol supervising producer Cheryl Favila (2nd to the left) and
ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs head Ging Reyes (extreme right)
Watch Concerned Citizens Taking Videos or CCTV Patrol weeknights in “TV Patrol,” after “Aryana” on ABS-CBN. Send your photos and videos to ireport@abs-cbn.com or post them on www.facebook.com/bayanmoipatrolmo.akoangsimula or to @bayanmo on Twitter.

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