January 13, 2013

Giving back the smile to street children thru Virlanie Foundation

Virlanie Foundation strives to build a better future for these children by “giving back their smiles. and empowereing the children for a brighter future. This is a child-caring institution reaching out to street children and street families in the Philippines.
This foundation that cares for children in need of special protection -  those who are abandoned, neglected, abused, exploited, orphaned and poorest of the poor. The Foundation gives them love, takes care of them and supports them with many programs.
Virlanie’s residential program cares for children in need of special protection where they are provided with love and security in a unique set-up of a home and a family atmosphere and reintegration to normal community life.

Virlanie cares for children in 13 Homes that are designed for specific age groups according to the needs of the children.

Cluster 1 - Homes for babies and young children
Some Homes care for toddlers, children below 12 years old while others are temporary Homes which welcome the children into Virlanie.They aim to provide a safe place for young children who come from difficult situations and later achieve a higher rate of successful placement to either family reunification, adoption, or foster care.

Cluster 2 - Homes for young adults
These Homes care for young adults, children in conflict with the law, young unwed mothers and their babies and abused girls. They better prepare the young adults for sustainable life through the dynamism of support programs such as the Young Adults Program and LIFE (Living Independently for Full Empowerment) program.

Cluster 3 - Homes for children with special needs
Children and young adults with physical and/or mental handicaps are welcomed to these Homes. They establish collaborative efforts with various disciplines, external partners, and organization to provide the best possible care and alternative programs to help them reach their full potential to care for themselves and live productively.       

Virlanie reaches out to children and families living in the streets. There are also programs for poor communities in Metro Manila and the provinces. These programs provide health, educational, and other basic services.
Vilanie Foundation’s Founder/ President Dominique Lemay, a French, came 25 years ago for the first time in the Philippines. Touched by the situation of poverty, he decided to establish Virlanie to help the poorest of the poor like the street children.  In keeping with the times, Virlanie’s programs and homes have also changed to answer to growing needs of the street children

Virlanie Foundation answers the call to action to improve the situation of poor Filipino children and families. Virlanie provides homes to children in need of special protection. In addition, Virlanie reaches out to street families and poor communities.

Apart from the basic needs, Virlanie provides children with opportunities to go to school, attend to their medical and psychological needs and find ways to reunify them with their families when possible.

Hope you can give back the smile to the children thru Virlanie Foundation ,  located at 4055 Yague Street, Barangay Singkamas, Makati City 1204, Philippines. 
Phone: + 63 (2) 895 5260 / 896 2289 / 895 3460 •
Fax: + 63 (2) 895 5232
• www.virlanie.org

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