July 8, 2014

VIGAN made it to the Top 21 Official Finalist in the Search for New 7 Wonders-Cities of the World

The Heritage City of VIGAN has been qualified as one of the Top 21 finalist in the Search for New 7 Wonders-Cities of the World. From 1,000 cities in the different countries around the world, Vigan is the only city in the Philippines that has been chosen for this prestigious search, giving our country and the Filipino people with pride and honor. 

Bernard Weber, Founder & President of New7Wonders
The 21 Official Finalists that have been voted through to the next round of the New7Wonders Cities campaign are: Bangkok, Barcelona, Beirut, Chicago, Doha, Durban, Havana, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, La Paz, London, Mendoza, Mexico City, Mumbai, Perth, Quito, Reykjavik, Saint Petersburg, Seoul, Shenzhen and Vigan.

As with all New7Wonders campaigns, voting is via new7wonders.com, via the iPhone and Android apps, via the international telephone voting lines, and, where available, via national SMS.

Vigan made it to the 21 Official Finalists that will go through the next round. 

Let's continue to support our beloved city by voting. The 7 Official New7Wonders Cities will be revealed on 7 December 2014.

Here's the next voting phases will be gone through to be included in the top 7 and be declared as one of the New 7 Wonders-Cities of the World. 

7 July 2014 - 7 Oct 2014 - from 21 finalists down to 14
7 Oct 2014 - 7 Dec 2014 - from 14 finalist down to 7

It's more fun in the Philippines! 

Text vigan to 29290777 or log on to www.n7w.com/en/cities

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