September 4, 2015

Jasmine Curtis-Smith stars in Philippine's adaptation of popular Korean soap, ‘My Fair Lady’

Young actress and model Jasmine Curtis-Smith leads the cast of Philippine's adaptation of Korean soap teleseries "My Fair Lady." Having proven her mettle in film, television and most recently, theater, actress Jasmine continues to take on challenging projects that further enhance her standout acting skills.

The upcoming romantic comedy series, “My Fair Lady,” the Filipino adaptation of the 2009 hit Koreanovela will premiere September 14, 2015, Monday exclusively on TV5.

Following a couple of “Wattpad Presents” mini-series episodes, Jasmine is once again headlining her own regular series, this time as the title role in “My Fair Lady.”

The story :
Jasmine plays Audrey Tiuseco, the richest “it” girl in the Philippines. Audrey is the heiress of Tiuseco Land, a continuously growing corporation with a diverse business profile that includes farming, agricultural technology, and now venturing into shopping and lifestyle malls. 
As expected of anyone coming from a prominent family, Audrey is blessed with beauty, intelligence and a very regal demeanor. But because she lost both of her parents at a very young age, Audrey also grew up to be a major pain in the neck to everyone from her grandfather, Lolo Matteo (Eddie Gutierrez) to her personal assistants who are constantly at her beck and call. 
That was until she finally meets her match in Hero (Vin Abrenica), her new all-in-one assistant who is just as temperamental as she is and is probably the only one who is not afraid of her. 
The plot further thickens when Audrey meets Benjie (Luis Alandy), a kind-hearted environmentalist who bears a striking resemblance to her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and who she is not totally over with. 
But that’s not all. Audrey will soon find herself in a situation where she will need Hero in order to solve a very important mystery. Her very own future depends on that mystery’s solution.

“For the most, the local version stayed faithful to the original materials save for very few tweaks which the Philippine producers felt was important in order to make the series more relatable for Pinoy viewers,” says Noel C. Lorenzana - TV5 President and CEO.

With its perfect balance of comedy, drama and mystery, “My Fair Lady” is an ideal vehicle that will allow Jasmine to show a wide range of emotions and allow her to showcase her depth as an actress.

“My Fair Lady” directed by Ricky Rivero, with a stellar cast that also includes Joross Gamboa, Chanel Morales, Yayo Aguila, DJ Durano, Jenny Miller, Katrina Legaspi and the return of actress Marjorie Barretto to television.

The show will premiere September 14, 2015, Monday exclusively on TV5, will air weekdays at 9:30pm for 30- minutes.

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