June 18, 2016

GROHE opens showroom in Makati City

GROHE unveiled its second showroom in the country at Desigño Atelier, 5F Wilcon IT Hub along Pasong Tamo, Makati City through an event entitled Masterworks.

The GROHE SPA showroom presents GROHE’s stylish design universes for bathrooms and kitchens. The relaxed atmosphere of the showroom encourages visitors not only to obtain information on the global brand’s premium offerings but also to touch and test the faucets and actually experience products in real use.

As you enter the space, you will be able to get a glimpse of GROHE’s glorious history spanning 80 years. Represented in the timeline on the wall are corporate milestones and the GROHE global network of six production plants and presence in 130 countries. 


The showroom is divided into five zones called Aquazones. Aquazones follow the concept of the thousand year-old Japanese bathing culture in which each step of the bathing experience has a dedicated zone. These perfectly designed zones take on different roles and allow the consumer to fully indulge in each ritual, while already looking forward to the next one. GROHE offers technologies in each of the five zones, allowing consumers to enjoy their personal spa time even more. 

The first zone is the Contemplation Zone where you can experience comfort and hygiene from GROHE toilets. 

Next is the Preparation Zone – from washing your face, brushing your teeth, applying makeup or even shaving, the Basin Area is central to the daily cleansing routine.

Third is the Rejuvenation Zone where you can combine one or two head showers, a hand shower, a bank of body showers to experience the utmost showering pleasure limited only by your imagination. 

Fourth is the Relaxation Zone, which features a Free Standing Bath Tub from Jaxson, the creator of luxury bath tubs and also one of the brands owned by LIXIL WATER TECHNOLOGY. Paired with an elegant GROHE Free Standing Tub Filler, you can enjoy a lingering soak at the end of the day.

Last is the Recreation Zone, which is for quiet reflection – to sip tea, enjoy a glass of water or read a book. Featured here is the GROHE BLUE, which delivers filtered, chilled and sparkling water, straight from the faucet. 

Tailor-made Showering

The showroom also features an area that celebrates uniqueness and variety by letting you design your shower according to your own vision of rest, relaxation, regeneration, personal care, design and comfort. 

Using GROHE side showers and steam modules you can create your own footh bath. The strategic placement of side showers delivers water pressure that aid in the stimulation of deeper layers of muscles and tissues in the feet and legs to enhance function, generate healing, decrease muscle reflex activity, as well as promote relaxation and relief.

With the GROHE Aquacloud, you can use side showers and light modules to create a horizontal shower, which delivers pampering rain-like water drops while you comfortably rest on a massage bed. 

Finally, you can use strategically placed shower heads and side showers to release pressure on key stress points like the neck and shoulders for muscle relief and nerve stimulation.

Design Inspirations

GROHE has an award-winning in-house design team led by Paul Flowers. The team is guided by the GROHE design philosophy and signature elements to ensure that products don’t just look good but feel good, too. In the showroom, you will see bathroom designs using three of the GROHE SPA luxury bathroom fittings.

They are the GROHE Grandera Collection which blends square and circular elements into one harmonious shape. Its smooth geometric lines and classic simplicity are created to combine effortlessly with a wide range of bathroom furnishings. 

Next is the GROHE Ondus Collection which offers a dramatic spout that flows out from cylindrical bases. The design is like a crest of a wave and looks ergonomic. 

Third is the GROHE Allure Brilliant Collection that is designed around geometric shapes and crisp contours. This collection features a gem-like faceted body with a cut-away detail, to accentuate the flow of water.

Come and Visit

If you are searching for better ways to enhance your bathroom experience, come and visit the GROHE SPA showroom soon. Get the chance to personally experience the GROHE Live Water where you will be able to see and feel how the GROHE basin mixers, hand showers and head showers work. You may also book an appointment to enjoy a luxurious bath with the GROHE Spa Experience. It features a functional bathroom that allows you to personally experience GROHE Spa products.

Last June 15, 2016, Masterworks featured a 12-minute symphony of live water technology and the arts highlighting GROHE as Masters of Technology, the Philippine Ballet Theater as Masters of Dance, The Manila String Machine as Masters of Music, Jackie Manzano as Master of Oil, and Broadway star Lea Salonga as Master of Song.

Lea Salonga and Tessa Prieto Valdes 

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