September 26, 2016

Mini chat with glowing mom-to-be Mariel Rodriguez

All are super excited to see that the television host Mariel Rodriguez will be giving birth to a girl. It will be her and husband Robin Padilla’s first child. 

Mariel first suffered a miscarriage in March last year. She then lost a triplets pregnancy six months later. For her third pregnancy, she has undergoing heparin treatment to boost her chances of giving birth.

Since months ago, she has gone on a leave from work for her baby. She is grateful that ABS-CBN understands her delicate situation.

Mariel leaves for the US to give birth to her 1st baby girl sometime in November.  Last September 18, with a small group of bloggers had a joyful exclusive chat with a beautiful and glowing mom-to-be Mariel for a send-off party as she will leave for US this month.

Here are some from the mini chat with Mariel:

Mariel on her 7th month pregnancy :

In preparation for the coming baby girl, Mariel took several workshops which include newborn care, feeding class and the birthing class.

“A lot of people are saying you won’t need it because when the baby is there you know what to do, mother instinct will kick in.” Mariel said.

"But I feel it’s good to be prepared, it’s good to have yung may knowledge ka pa din na sarili mo, to learn and be prepared pagdating nya,” she added.

She gave up desserts as part of her diet which includes cakes and ice cream during her pregnancy.

Mariel on baby : 

“The baby is malikot, lalu na sa gabi. And I have to tell her it’s time to sleep kapag matutulog na kami.” But she was so excited. That is when the baby start to move she become more excited, alam mo na malapit na,” Mariel intimately shared with us.

Pinaglihi sa first sa steak, then chicken siopao and last is buko pie.

Why name Maria Isabela De Padilla : 

"It comes from two different women from Spain of the original Padilla descendants. Maria from Robin’s super, beautiful lola. And Isabella, is one of the conqueror of Spain. The name given was intended to mean greatness. And Mariel stressed that the baby would be called Isabella. No Bela, no Isa, it must be Isabella."

The baby doesn’t have a yaya, the baby’s yaya is me but I have a yaya,” she noted laughing. As she added she is prepared to breastfeed her baby.

Gladly to see Mariel is relax now and enjoying her pregnancy and always praying for a healthy baby.

On question why she is giving birth in the US: 

“Alam mo yung nandito tayo madaming distractions (work, etc.). Robin and I feel that the baby deserves 100% percent attention, kanya lang. We waited so long, and the baby deserved that. Sya lang lang ang bida. Hindi si Robin hindi ako, sya lang. That’s how we want to motivate the baby,” Mariel stressed."

When to come back?  

"It depends if the baby, and if Robin can come early, then there’s no need to fly back the baby early. Kawawa naman si baby kung one month old pa lang paliliparin mo na sya, mae-stressed sya. Kaya kung okay na si baby then that’s the time."

Congratulations Mariel and Robin! We will include you in our prayers. God will always bless you, protect you and your baby Maria Isabella.

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