December 22, 2016

Choose to flow your best with Wilkins Pure

Sometimes young adults have it rough as they face so many changes and choices in their lives. They are now at the stage where they play multiple roles, explore and encounter new many opportunities and possibilities, all so they could finally find where they can fit in or where their best selves lie. That’s why it’s guidance and assurance is important for them to have in their times on doubt and unsurety.

When the makers of Wilkins Distilled, the country’s most trusted water brand by moms, recently re-launched Wilkins Pure purified water with a new tagline ‘Choose to flow your best,’ the brand sets to inspire and encourage these young bloods to be the best they can be through the choices that they make. This starts with the water that they drink as hydration always plays a key role in keeping one’s body and mind in condition.

With Wilkins Pure, young adults are assured of the quality and safety of their drinking water, which goes through a certified world class purification process, helping them stay refreshed, focused, active and healthy as they take on the tides and decide how they set the course of their futures.

“Being in my best and healthiest is important to me especially because I am a student, a DJ and an aspiring model, all in one. That’s why I choose to say no to limitations and fears, because I know the best doesn’t come from staying inside the comfort zone.” – Jodilly Pendre, 23, international model and Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 first runner-up. 
“ I’m lucky enough to be able to do what I love the most...[but making] choices is never easy especially when I need to choose between balancing out time and responsibilities as an entrepreneur and my passion for active sports and being an avid wakeboarder... still I choose to learn and grow for my future even when I make a few wrong turns... ” – Carlo Gonzales, 24, fitness enthusiast. 
“[It’s] hard when I make choices since I based my decision for the long run and not the short-term. It takes getting used to…but I choose to try [and keep trying] until I achieve success in my career. Simply giving up is not an option for me!” – Tola Orendain, 23, marketing associate and model. 
“I choose to see possibilities that help me see through difficult situations because keeping an opened mind makes me see that anything is possible especially when someone tells me I can’t go places.” – Hans Weiser, 23, Brazilian model. 
“Mistakes and flaws are part of growth. It’s okay not to follow the plans from A to B, but what’s most important is the drive to actually see through the end of your dreams. That’s why I do what I can and choose to be positive with making the right decisions.”– Hye Won Jang, 24, model, blogger and digital influencer. 
“When you travel a lot, you need to be careful with decisions especially when you’re in a unfamiliar or foreign ground and meeting new people. But what’s nice about traveling back to the places you’ve been is having a warm welcome…what’s even nicer though is having people you love and care about support and help you through you no matter whenever and wherever you are. That’s why I make sure I choose true friends who I know will be there for me no matter what.”– Daniel Diniz, 26, Brazilian model. 
“ In life you need to be focused and to be more determined to do what you want. That’s why I choose to take on challenges so I can be stronger with each one I face...” – Jasmine Maierhofer, 24, supermodel. 
“As a model and an influencer, people look up to me. That’s why I always push myself to be my best because I believe we can do better every time. But taking care of yourself is always the first step to achieving that…One of the things you can do is drinking safe purified water as it helps replenish you and make you feel good from within. And if you feel good, you look good. If you look good, you win! That’s why I choose to flow my best in everything with Wilkins Pure. ” – LA Aguinaldo, 23, SM Youth member and social media influencer.
Adding to the commitment of The Coca-Cola Company to reduce the carbon footprint of all its products, Wilkins Pure is now bottled in even more environmentally-friendly PET bottles. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and the Philippines Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for food application, the new PET bottles of Wilkins Pure uses 24 percent less plastic than previous and is therefore safer (and lighter).

As the world opens to you with new and wider opportunities, don’t forget to make the right choices and choose the ones that will lead you to flow your best with Wilkins Pure purified water.

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