March 27, 2017

SM Supermalls earns its fifth Platinum as Philippines’ most trusted shopping mall brand

The latest Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Awards awarded SM Supermalls with the coveted Platinum after the mall brand received an overwhelming 67% of votes from the Philippines. Platinum awards are given to brands that garner tremendous scores against nearest survey competitors.

US-based family magazine, Reader’s Digest, commissioned Sydney-based Catalyst, a leading independent research agency, to conduct polls that involve 44 categories of products and services within Asian markets. A total of 4,000 respondents, who were subscribers of the magazine, were asked to take a paper-based survey. Another 4,000 respondents, selected to represent the demographics of the general population, were polled through a survey online. Data collected from both sources were combined to achieve the results.

In the Philippines, 1,000 respondents were selected and asked an open-ended question to determine the brand they trust most by rating them according to six qualitative attributes: trustworthiness and credibility, quality, value, understanding of consumer needs, innovation, and social responsibility.

SM Supermalls earned a Trusted Brand rating of 2,876 under the shopping mall category after receiving 67% of votes. The final rating was obtained by multiplying the total number of votes by the brand’s average score for the six qualitative characteristics. Data released by Catalyst also shows that SM has received a high trust rating as a “power brand,” based on share of votes. Also landing in the top ten brands under the shopping mall category is SM Mall of Asia.

Catalyst has been working with Reader’s Digest for Trusted Brands for the last five years. SM Supermalls has bagged the Platinum each year, totaling to five Platinum Trusted Brand awards since 2013. These recognitions affirm SM’s solid and unwavering commitment to innovate and promote an extraordinary mall experiences for customers that helped position SM as a trusted brand for Filipino consumers.

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