July 29, 2018

Why You Should Add Health in Your Calendar

Healthcare is now more than just curing diseases. Medical practitioners have a new and more comprehensive approach when it comes to treating their patients.

According to Dr. Lizbeth Sto. Tomas, a Wellness Doctor of Internal Medicine at The Medical City Clark, “Health is simply the absence of any physical sickness. Wellness, meanwhile, is a more encompassing concept that is rooted in a person’s overall lifestyle.” 

The Medical City Clark’s Executive Check-up program focuses on giving solutions that aim to improve their patients’ overall wellness, one that is preventive, promotive, proactive, and personalized.

More comprehensive tests than regular check-ups

According to Dr. Sto. Tomas, the doctors at The Medical City Clark’s Executive Check-up do comprehensive tests that allow them to check the patient’s overall condition. They personalize it based on the patient’s current lifestyle as well as his genetic family history and previous medical conditions. The same physician also oversees the same patient for a better and more comprehensive overview of the patient’s case.

Ms. Rochelle Aquino-Lagman, the Manager for Customer Relations and Allied Services of the Medical City Clark noted a crucial detail in their program, “We make it a point that our Executive Check-up Coordinators would be closely managing a patient up until they checkout. The same person will also be following up on them post-executive check-up.”

Comfort and Convenience

Waiting for the doctor’s appointment can get dragging and results can take hours or even days. The Medical City Clark offers its VIPs a comfortable stay complete with a lounge with free snacks, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and television. VIPs who undergo a complete physical exam have the option to be admitted in one of The Medical City Clark’s hospital suites for an easier time in getting results the next day. Ms. Rochelle, who has a background in hotel management, describes their Executive Check-up Program as “similar to a hotel, a mini-hotel, where we assist like a butler, up until the client will be inferred to a specialist.”

The Executive Circle Club Card

The Executive Circle Card is the newest offer by The Medical City Clark that has exclusive membership discounts that will even include the cardholder’s dependents. The Medical City Clark also partners with several hotels, offering corporate rates to patients as well as their dependents with the Executive Circle Club Card.

True to their VIP treatment of their patients, members will also have first access to events by The Medical City Clark such as post-graduate courses, congress fair, and launches. Card registration is free and is activated when you schedule an appointment at The Medical City Clark’s Executive Check-up Program.

Dr. Lizbeth Sto. Tomas recommends an annual executive check-up for patients with unremarkable medical history or those who don’t have any serious medical concerns in the past or at present. However, if a person is taking maintenance medications, the attending physician may require an executive check-up every 3-6 months.

When it comes to your health, choose a hospital that will give you the best care. The Medical City Clark is located in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga that is accessible to Central Luzon residents. For more information, you may call The Medical City Clark’s Wellness office at (045) 300 8000 or 0916-448-8046.

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