May 29, 2013

Relive The Greatest Ever Story Told Through Superbook!

The long wait is finally over the day we"ve all been waiting for has come. Get ready to relive the greatest adventure of all time.
Superbook airs pilot episode on GMA this June. Do the names Gizmo, Chris and Joy ring a bell? Were you an avid fan of the Superbook TV series or a member of the Superkids Club? Or is it your first time to hear about Superbook? Whether you’re a first timer or a long-time fan, we've got great news for you!
The phenomenal 1980’s animation we love is back! Get ready as Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) brings you an all-new Superbook. Once more, viewers will experience a one of kind journey with triple the excitement.
The Superbook creations aims to contribute content to children's television / online / communication landscape. As children and their parents watch Superbook episodes together, interaction and discussion will be encouraged.
Superbook episodes will higlight values and emphasize the importance of being God-fearing, morally upright, and excellent citizens.
On June 1, 2013, the new Superbook’s pilot episode “In the Beginning” will air at 7:30 a.m. on GMA 7. In addition, Superbook Classic episodes will air every Sunday, starting June 2 at 7:30 a.m. also on GMA.

What started as an animated Bible series for children in Japan is now a world-class animation production. Since its first airing in Japan, the Superbook series has now been broadcasted in over 106 countries, translated into 43 languages and has been viewed by over a half billion people.
And to keep up with today’s new storytelling technology, the original series has been improved to match this media-savvy generation. To address this challenge, CBN, together with top Hollywood producers, animators, and directors, put their minds together and as a result: a relived, reinvented, and reimagined Superbook.

“Our goal is not only to produce a child-friendly program, but more importantly, a child-focused show for this generation to digest. Superbook aims to capture the hearts of the children of today. In addition, even the parents will enjoy and learn from it. It’s a perfect bonding activity for families,” says Icko Gonzalez, Superbook Project Head in the Philippines.

As Gonzalez puts it, “The new Superbook is for the NOW generation.”

So are you ready to experience the greatest adventure ever written and told? Mark your calendars, save the date and spread the news. 
Beginning June 1, watch Superbook on Saturdays and Sundays on GMA, 7:30 a.m. Support Superbook and be part of the NOW GENERATION.

Enjoy the wonderful world of Superbook ! 

More photos @ Facebook. Some photos from Superbook/CBN Asia. 

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