March 11, 2019

Nonoy Zuñiga Through the Years Concert at RWM on March 13

Do you remember some hits songs like "Doon Lang," "Kumusta ka" "Magandang Gabi and "Never Ever Said Goodbye"? 

Pop Icon and Hitmaker Nonoy Zuñiga  will stage “Nonoy Zuñiga Through The Years” on March 13, 2019 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World Manila.

The show landmarks Nonoy’s commitment to seriously support fresh talents in the music industry. It’s his pay-it-forward thing for his 45 years as a singer of much-loved songs.

Nonoy Zuñiga’s singing career spans more than 3 decades, as a folk singer from 1971 to 1975 and then as one of the lead singers of the Family Birth Control Band which performed in venues like Philippine Plaza, Holiday Inn, and the Manila Hotel from 1975 – 1980. All his performances in the United States from 1983 to the present are well-acclaimed. He has also performed in various countries such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, China and New Zealand.

Some of  Zuñiga songs are “Doon Lang”, “Kamusta Ka?”, “Magandang Gabi”, and “Never Ever Said Goodbye”. 

Nonoy Zuñiga at an exclusive conference held at Pamana Restaurant, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City on Friday,  March 8, 2019. 
Visit Facebook Live interview with Nonoy Zuñiga

As some friends call him Doc,  Zuñiga is also a Doctor of Medicine graduate from University of Sto Tomes. Being a skincare specialist, together with a professional esthetician, Ms. Sylvia Cancio who owns Piel Acne and Skin Clinic in New Year they established Piel Skincare Center in Cebu City. At present Nonoy enjoys his life traveling Las Vegas (where his children reside) to Manila and Cebu City managing Peil Skincare Center.

Upcoming talent Jessel Kempis will have an “introducing” billing at the milestone concert of  Zuñiga. Think she’s too shy to make a name as a professional singer, but then it doesn’t take her long to warm up to people and to begin telling anecdotes about their life and her parents.

Jeselle reveals “I am trained pop singer. I’ve been training since chilhood and singing in private events. It has hardly occured to me taht I can perform in a professional concert for which people have to buy tickets. I’m both happy and nervous to perform at Nonoy Zuñiga Through The Years”.

The concert’s seasoned guest are South Border, Nyoy Volante, and Mitch Valdez, with Andrew de Real as stage director and Bobby Gomez as musical director with the Brothers Unlimited. 

Nonoy Zuñiga Through The Years” is produced by OGK Entertainment Production for the benefit of Calamba Doctors Medical Educational and Science Foundation Inc (CDMESFI) and Manila East Medical Educational and Science Foundation, Inc.

Tickets available at Ticket World.

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