December 24, 2013

Singapore Airlines Surprises Passengers in Manila with a Special Christmas Gifts from Santa

Christmas is truly more fun in the Philippines! 

To add more color to this festive season, Singapore Airlines surprises its passengers with a special Christmas song and dance performance done by about fifty (50) of SIA’s airport crew and staff.

According to Ms Rita Dy, SIA Manager for Marketing Communications & Services, the staff and crew prepared their performances for almost six weeks.

Singapore Airlines gave surprises more! The passengers enjoyed the special Christmas dance performance and Santa's gift!

Passengers, young and old, Filipinos and foreigners and all around the Gate 6 of NAIA 1 really have fun and enjoy the Christmas spirit brought by Singapore Airlines in Manila.

Singapore Airlines always places its passengers first, even when it’s just about having fun.

I also enjoy the wonderful world of SIA! Thanks so much Singapore Airlines and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !

Updates : Visit this video : 

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