October 4, 2015

#QC75 Diamond Jubillee Celebration; A visit at the Quezon Heritage House

The most populous city in the Metro Manila, National Capitol Region in the Philippines, Quezon City, also called QC celebrates this month of October its 75 Diamond Jubillee Anniversary.

Quezon City was named after Manuel L. Quezon, the second official President of the Philippines and the first of an internationally recognized independent Philippines.

Rich with heritage, one of the city’s most famous landmark is the Quezon Memorial Circle, a national park and a national shrine located in Quezon City, which became the capital of the Philippines from 1948 to 1976. The park is located inside a large traffic circle in the shape of an ellipse and bounded by the Elliptical Road.

At the center is the Quezon Memorial Shrine, a 66-meter mausoleum that houses the remains of President Manuel Quezon and his wife, the First Lady Dona Aurora Quezon. 

And inside the Circle is the Quezon Heritage House, where bloggers and guests enjoyed a visit and tour the replica of Manuel Quezon’s house last Thursday, October 1. 


With excitements, we also had a photo shoot with collaboration of Project Headshot Clinic. I’m gladly to be reunited with Niccolo Cosme, founder of HSC and a celebrity and fashion photographer. "Project Headshot Clinic", a digital concept that merges profile photos used online with advertisement and/or advocacies. This is my 4th time to have my personal tribute to Headshot’s greatest inspirations. 

Thanks organizer, Sir Anton and MsEarth Rullan for a historical and an educational tour to Quezon Heritage House, also known as the Quezon family’s Weekend House. It used to be situated in No. 45 Gilmore Street in New Manila, until it was transferred to the QC Memorial Circle. 

The Quezon Heritage House is open to the public from Tuesdays thru Sundays, 9 am to 4pm.

Quezon City is also well known as an entertainment capital, a shopping destination, a health and wellness center, many places of government operations and media houses, like ABS-CBN, GMA 7, UNTV, Ch. 13, Ch 9, Ch 4 and TV5.

For its 75th anniversary this year, the QC government prepared a set of activities designed to pay tribute to the monumental figures and events that served as its foundation. Each of these culminating activities are scheduled on October 10 and 11, 2015 and has been crafted to leave a mark on the city’s 75 years of cityhood.

To mark 75th anniversary with parades, concerts, dances, food festivals, and more to welcome to coming year with positive vibes and shrill momentum.

Everyone will be treated to a night of music, performances, food, and fireworks as they countdown to the city’s anniversary. Simultaneously, there will be a city-wide medical mission, job fairs, fun run, Senior Citizens' Program, Sports Exhibition by the PSC, Skateboard Competition, Volleyball Tournament, Rock Concert, Martsa ng Musiko, among others.

Happy 75th Anniversary Quezon City! 

Photos: Arts & Travel Magazine

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EG said...

Thank you mommy myns for this very informational post I wanna go back and have another relaxed tour in the house :) see you soon!


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