October 31, 2011

A Million Roses for the World


We dream of a world at peace.
We dream of a world of love.
We dream of a world at prayer.
A world at peace, in love with God!
I have a mother in heaven
I have a queen in my heart.
My mother's name is Mary
Blessed handmaid of God!
We pledge to pray her rosary
That peace may reign supreme
A million roses of prayer
A million roses for peace!
Ave Maria!
Gratia Plena!
Viva Maria!
Viva Madre Mia!

Lyrics by The Most Rev. Socrates B. Villegas / Music by Ryan Cayabyab
Voice by Ms.Loudette Banson

A million roses for the world and  peace song is an offering for Mama Mary and for the rosary in many schools in the Philippines.

St. Paul University Manila animating the crowd in the pre-program of the launching of A MILLION ROSES for the WORLD - FILIPINOS AT PRAYER at UST grounds last October 8, 2011. The students of ST. PAUL UNIVERSITY MANILA are the official animators of the theme song. Soon the video will be uploaded so other animators can teach it to their youth volunteers.

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