February 24, 2012

TheCampArt presents Hansel & Gretel: A Children’s Musical

Kids Acts Philippines Inc. (KAPI) is proud to present the upcoming production of the world’s famous classic children’s tale entitled Hansel & Gretel, A Children’s Musical, Direction, Script and Lyrics by Luigi Nacario and Music by Eugene Belbis.

The musical play will feature the promising child actors who are scholars of the group’s musical theater school called “TheCampArt”. It will be held on February 25, 2012 at St. Cecilia’s Hall, St. Scholastica’s College, Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila with a Matinee Show at 3 pm and a Gala Night at 6 pm.

Ticket prices start at P350. For inquiries and reservations please call TicketWorld at 891.9999 or KidsActs Box Office at 750-1551.

HANSEL AND GRETEL, A Children’s Musical

Next to a great forest there lived a poor woodcutter with his wife and his two children. The boy’s name was Hansel and the girl’s name was Gretel. One evening of a famine time, the parents talk about how their kids could survive during the worst season. They both agreed to let them wander into the woods to gather food and stay in the heart of the forest until the starvation is over. Not considering the danger that they may encounter in the forest, the kids obeyed their parents' request. They gathered white and shining pebbles to be dropped on the path to guide their way back home after the famine. In the heart of the forest, they rested and slept under a huge tree to pass the cold night. In the middle of their sleep the Fire Fairy and her Fire Dancers appeared. They bestowed comfort in the dark and gave warmth in biting cold for a sound slumber. The morning came with an inviting heat of the sun and the roaring of wild animals circling around them with a horrible effort of devouring them. But to their surprise, all the wild animals are friendly that they showed the way going to a cottage for them to spend days until the terrible season is through. The kids took the way that the animals had shown to them.  They walked hard and long, until they reached a Wonderful Land of Forest Fairies. The tired and hungry kids asked for food from the queen of the fairyland, the Earth Fairy. To their dismay, the Earth Fairy warned them that eating the fairies’ food will cause an enchanting misery on them. They will never go back home again and will live in the fairyland forever if they take even a little taste of it. The two insisted to look for the cottage instead. The Earth Fairy told them that the pixies will show the way for them and both hurriedly went to the Pixy Land where the pixies lived. Pixies were mischievous, nasty and guided a wrong way to strangers. But with the words of the Earth Fairy, they could not disobey her command. The playful pixies brought Hansel and Gretel to the insect garden where at its center was the mysterious cottage of the old woman. The insect were the caretakers of the garden and knew the best way to get near of the cottage. Terrified yet persistent, the kids made their way to the mysterious abode of the wicked old woman. To their amazement, they discovered that the house was made of cakes and candies. They helped themselves to a good meal before going inside the delicious hut. Hansel ate a piece of the roof and Gretel ate from the window. On a few bites of their treat, the old woman appeared and with a plea from the children to stay in her cottage she wickedly welcomed the two. She forcibly locked Hansel inside a big steel cage and made Gretel her slave. Though against Gretel’s will, she obeyed the old woman for the safety of his brother. She did all the chores, helped cook and bake everyday and the most hurtful part of all was feeding and fattening her brother to be consumed by the witch. Many days had passed by that in one morning, the old woman announced that she will slaughter and boil Hansel as her luscious and finest meal of the day. She asked Gretel to boil water and set a fire on the oven but she refused to do so since she didn’t know how and haven’t tried to prepare the oven. The old woman furiously showed Gretel how. She opened the oven door wide enough to fit a person. She bent her half body inside the oven to set a fire on it. Opportunity came to Gretel’s mind, she thought of the chance to free themselves from the old woman’s custody. Gretel pushed and locked her inside the oven with a small chance of saving her wicked life. She hurriedly unlocked Hansel from the cage. They took the precious stones out from the treasure chest of the witch as their mark along the way like shining pebbles. They ran and got out of the witch-woods under a stormy sky until they ended up in the land of flying fairies. Air Fairy and the sylphs cleared the weather for the two kids and guided them to the right path. Hansel and Gretel went to the border of the air fairies’ land. The border was the mining hills of the dwarfs. In the working place of the little men, they didn’t see any path leading to somewhere. A gnome revealed the pathway full of glittering stones, that at the end of it was the water of life. They followed the glittering road until they ended up near the bank of the large body of water. The two were anxious of how they will get to their village when there was no boat, no walk way or bridge leading to the other side of the lake. The Water Fairy appeared and called the large duck to smoothly carry them to the other side of the water. Hansel and Gretel climbed up on the back of white beautiful bird as the nymphs and the Water Fairy led the way. They safely reached the far end of the lake, jumped down from the duck’s back, gratefully said goodbye to the fairies and ran happily to their village. At their house, they found their parents who were alive standing in front of the door as if waiting for their loved ones to come home. In spite of the series of events happened, they spent their time happily than ever as a complete family again.

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