April 3, 2012

Special Something! The Versatile Blogger Award

“When you think of me, it means that you have carried something most likely the image of me in your thoughts. If we meet again, you will know me. Even after life, you can still remember me and hear my thoughts and my voice as I whispered not in your ear but your heart.”

This is one beautiful message I read from one of the very thoughtful blogger,  It was the very message I have in my mind to say to you, who gave me this award so unexpectedly and touched!

Thank you     for nominating me for the Versatile Blog Award.    , is the amazing person behind the beautiful blog called    Fashion Travels . It focuses on fashion for people that style is an important part of their life.

Here are the rules for the award:
1.   Nominate fellow bloggers.
2.   Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3.   Share 7 random things about yourself.
4.   Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5.   Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your blog.

Here, I’m sharing seven things about myself:

1. I’m really living my second chance of life given by God after the operation (brain anuerysm). The doctor said that I am a miracle patient. Thankful to my 4 big grown-up loving kids and caring husband,  and to many great people who have been and as always been prayed for me.
2.  I am not working as an employee now since feb 18, 2011 but now just spending my rest and recovering time  at home , to read, write, love , laugh, inspire and pray.
3. I love reading inspirational and love stories, essays, poems , prayers and books. I  love music and watching movies!
4. I am blogger since 2010 (personal, didn't know many blog system)) and renew blogging last June 2011 when I am recovered, alive and kicking!
5.  I am living my  life to the fullest! I’m always making my bucket list of spending my life happily with my family.
6.  I spend my great free time to go and enjoy anywhere ( affordable only ^_^) !
7.  I miss my friends and hoping to see them again. Nowadays I am enjoying having many new wonderful friends!

It is my pleasure to share this award to my top 15 fellow bloggers. I’d like to nominate these bloggers for this award:  I really read so many blogs, I enjoy and learn many things from them! Some are the following…

* ChrisAir Martinez Abenes        -  Fit and Fashion Mom   
* Joy Blanca                                -    Joy's Flair   
* Noel Dela Cena                        -   Onin's Perspective    
* Cha Sy                                      -  Travel on a Shoestring 
* Gagay Dinampo                       -   Walking News Paper
* Tess Torrecampo-Chancellor   -   Blog and Me 
* Noks Sosa                                -   Sining Factory     
* Ness Mercader                         -   Say It, Nessie   
* Ruby Ricafrente                       -   Pinay Mommy Online  
* Sumi Go                                   -  The Purple Doll
* SuperStu Saldajeno                  -   Sporty Guy
* Francis Morilao                        -   Mga Kathang Isip ni Kiko
* Stef Dela Cruz                          -   Stef dela Cruz
* Yuu Ki                                     -   busy reading . . . Manga Book Magazine
* Mark Chino Pantua                  -   JuanderfulPinoy    

Thanks again   !
To everyone, kindly visit the above links of this inspirational bloggers.  Enjoy the award and have a great day !

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