May 16, 2012

AXE Anarchy girls apologizing for the new AXE TVC

Anarchy is the first Axe fragrance to be available in a women's version, after many years of popularizing the "Axe effect" with young men.

The "Axe effect" now comes in double-strength with the launch of a new fragrance -- Axe Anarchy is available in versions for men and women.

Axe Philippines launches their newest product “Axe Anarchy For Men and For Women” with a very fun, hot  but risque television commercial (TVC).

AXE Anarchy for Men and Women 

We all need a little anarchy in our lives. Unleash the chaos with AXE for him, and for her.

And now, there is another AXE Anarchy TVC
BNO (Boys Night Out) Massage by the Axe Anarchy Girls

Axe wanted to make it up to the DJ's of Boys Night Out after leaving the bitin  with their censored TVC.
As the perfect apology, Axe Girls were sent to the BNO boys, ready to give them one hell of a massage.


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