June 11, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley results: Manny Pacquiao loses decision to Timothy Bradley

Manny Pacquiao has lost his WBO welterweight belt to Timothy Bradley after a controversial split decision victory for the challenger at Las Vegas' MGM Grand last Saturday June 9, 2012 (Sunday  June 10 Philippines)

Pacquiao appeared to have done more than enough to take the decision, despite slowing down in the later stages, but was left stunned as two judges scored the bout 115-113 to the unbeaten Bradley and one handed the win to Pacquiao by the same score.

After one of the most controversial decisions in the history of boxing that left one of the best fighters of all time, Manny Pacquiao. Anyone watched this fight live or on TV will not forget the day that "Pacman" have his first loss in seven long years.

There were reaction from the decision heard around the world in the Pacquiao vs. Bradley debacle specially via Twitter. Here are some of the best quotes from Pacquiao and Bradley at their post-fight press conference, as told by Top Rank, some are via their Twitter account.

BobArum: I want 2 congratulate Tim Bradley. But I want to say for myself I've never been as ashamed with the sport of boxing as I am 2night

BobArum: I don't think anything was happening here except these people don't know how to score. They really don't.

BobArum: There's a rematch clause. But that's up to Pacquiao to invoke.

Bradley: I definitely would like to do this again. I heard the boos at the end of the night. Let's make it more decisive

Bradley explaining the decision was not his fault:

Bradley: There's three judges out there. That's the way they judged it. What do you want me to do?

Freddie Roach, Manny’s trainer said why the judges scored it like they did:

Roach: I thought we clearly, clearly won the fight. I think [the judges] had their eyes closed.

Manny Pacquiao’s explanations.

Pacquiao: 100 percent I believe that I won the fight. The decision has already been done. So you have to give credit to [Bradley].

Pacquiao gave his feelings on a rematch, with Arum's response as well:

Pacquiao: I want a rematch. Arum: If you want it, Manny, then that's what we'll do

Pacquiao: I don't even remember if he hurt me with even one punch. [Laughs] Amazing what the result is.

Manny wants boxing fans no to give up on the sport
Pacquiao: "Don't be discouraged about boxing."

Many boxing fans, enthusiasts and analysts were shocked and cast their doubt on the result of the bout,  saying Pacquiao is the real winner and Bradley doesn’t deserve the belt.

One of the biggest upsets in boxing history. This Sunday’s match was the biggest upset of the year in as far as the sport is concerned. It ended Pacquiao’s 7-year streak without losing a fight in the ring.

One of the Manny's statements I really admire. Manny says :

"Let's give credit to Bradley. He did well tonight, I respect him, and that's the decision. I respect the officials. … It's part of the game, I give thanks to the Lord."

Manny accepted his defeat with pride and respect to the winner and most of all, thanksgiving and gratitude to God. 

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Aiza said...

Too bad, but that's just their decision. Manny will still be the number 1 to the Pinoys


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