January 10, 2013

Celebrities Face Their Biggest and Dirtiest Challenge This 2013 New Ariel Complete Sets-Off the Giant Stain Ball Challenge

When it comes to the most daring, most extreme, and toughest challenges, Extra Challenge will surely satisfy your appetite for the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

But when it comes to the dirtiest and toughest of stains, trust that the new Ariel Complete, with its unbelievable stain removal power, will ultimately take the center stage.

At a recent exhilarating media event in Quezon City Memorial Circle, Ariel, in partnership with Extra Challenge, introduced the new Ariel Complete and revealed its utimate total cleaning action.   
New Ariel Complete is formulated with multiple cleaning system and has built-in combined power of bar + brush + bleach that effectively removes tough stains like ink, chocolate milk, used cooking oil and chocolate ice cream and leaves clothes clean like new! With its unbeatable stain removal power, Ariel Complete is more effective versus leading ordinary detergent powder in removing tough stains on clothes. Each granule of Ariel Complete has the power to deliver superior stain-removing action. You don’t have to wait for the last granule to achieve the best results.
To celebrate this breakthrough, Ariel and Extra Challenge hosted a thrilling display of atheleticism as Kapuso stars raced to push giant balls of stains across the field to his opponent’s goal while passing through marked areas with enormous stains laid out on the ground. Challengers to reach his opponent’s goal first wins the round. 4,000 liters of stains were used to make sure that the giant balls, 90 feet in diameters each  & made out of layers of white cloths, is completely covered with stains. At the finish line, media, celebrities, and the general public witnessed Ariel Complete’s superior stain-removing action as the cloth filled with enormous concentration of stains was washed and cleaned like new using Ariel Complete right before their eyes. “Ariel Complete seeks to make laundry easier and less time consuming with its multiple cleaning system, the combined power of bar + brush + bleach, and built in additives for a Complete™ wash,” says Jenina Santos, Brand Manager for Ariel.

With the new Ariel Complete, women are assured that even tough and big stains have no match with its superior stain-removing formula.

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