February 19, 2013

Choosing your house for your family

There are many factors involve in choosing your house. Think about yourself and your family and decide what you enjoy doing and what type of lifestyle you would enjoy in your new home. The biggest expense a family would have to face is investing on a house to call their own.

Given the many options available, choosing which house to get can be tedious and tricky for first-time home buyers. The Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS), one of the fastest growing developers in the country, shares some tips in properly selecting one’s home.

No matter what kind of home you're looking for, there are some key features to consider. 

Choose the type of house that suits your family’s size and lifestyle
The most important step in the house selection process is determining the type that fits the entire family. Condominiums work well with start-up families, especially since they fit in relatively smaller spaces. However, when your family’s composed of five or more members, the space a single house and lot offers is more advisable.
Consider the location of the house
In choosing a house, make sure it is situated in a family- or child-friendly environment. The most ideal place to settle down, especially for a large family, is a peaceful and guarded neighborhood. Also consider the distance between your house and the rest of the members’ offices or schools and other amenities.

Align your selection to your budget
The family’s budget plays a big part in selecting a house. In choosing, make sure all projected expenses will be met by the family’s income. There are various payment schemes that can be availed, so being practical with your choices is the most important.

Catch more tips from PRO-FRIENDS on the pilot episode of ANC’s newest lifestyle program Open House. Hosted by Jing Castañeda and Chase Tinio, Open House aims to help and teach viewers on home basics and how to transform one’s house into a beautiful place to live in.
“Through ANC’s Open House, developers such as PRO-FRIENDS will be able to help families choose the perfect house for their needs and a home where they can build their lives and share great moments together,” said PRO-FRIENDS corporate communications director Monica Morales.

ANC’s Open House airs every Saturday at 6 PM, starting February 23, 2013 with replays every Sunday at 11 AM. The show airs simultaneously on The Filipino Channel.

Make plan, prepare your home and family, be safe , be informed! Enjoy your wonderful world! 

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