July 19, 2013

Sprinto at WU Fest 2013

WU! Manila, a new magazine in town has officially launched its brand through WU Fest 2013. As what they always say, whether you're fresh off the plane or a balikbayan rediscovering your beloved birthplace, WU! is here to help you find out Whats Up in Manila. Or should we say, what's awesome about Manila! And that's what they did! They've promoted anything and everything awesome about Manila through remarkable entertainment such as the bamboo bike display, yummy food -- not necessarily all Filipino but the hospitality made all the difference, and live music from talented Filipino underground artists.

WU's objective of finding something awesome. One booth in the said fest that caught everyone's attention is the Sprinto booth that sells awesome collection of shades. The standouts would be their Manila, Tokyo, and a new model with wood temple called Shenzhen.

Sprinto is fast gaining popularity in Manila because of its stylish yet functional collection of shades through its iDefine polarized lens and iShock polycarbonate lens features.

According to Mr. Pawlo Misolas, Sprinto Marketing Director, “We believe that shades should be fashionable, protective and affordable and I think that we’ve got the right balance of all three.”

He also adds that the mid-range shades segment is good for fashion.

“The fashion awareness for sunglasses in the Philippines is on the rise.  It used to be you bought one pair of expensive glasses and that was it.  I think consumers are becoming smarter nowadays.”

“If you can buy a quality pair of shades that’s fashionable at half the price, that allows you to open up to more options.  It just makes fashion sense.”
Presently, Sprinto shades are available in major fashion hubs such as Manila, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Watch out for more Sprinto international hubs nearest you.

Sprinto is definitely one fashion find in Manila that you can't afford to miss! Never Think Twice ! 
Visit the website http://www.sprintoworld.com/ and 

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