September 17, 2013

Air passengers to use E-Tickets

Effective immediately, printed tickets no longer mandatory at airports.

"This is another simple step to improve access to basic government services," the DOJ said. "We shall continue to work with all stakeholders to inject common sense and process logic into our systems."
The Bureau of Immigration and Deportation will no longer require passengers to present printed copies of their plane tickets as mandated by the Department of Justice (DOJ)

This is in line with the recent order (Operations Order No. 2013-003) from DOJ entitled Removing the Requirement of Presentation of the Printed Hard Copy of Return and/or Onward Passage Ticket which allows air passengers to use E-Tickets displayed on a mobile device such as smartphones and/or tablets in lieu of hard copies of the ticket.

The new ruling applies for all international airports around the country including the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

More sources : Yugatech News

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