September 21, 2013

"Puti", with Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Ian Veneracion

"Puti," the truth is color blind, is an instant classic film entry at the 1st Cinefilipino Festival, directed by Mike Alcazaren starring Jasmine Curtis Smith . Ian Veneracion and Lauren Young.
Young actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith will be featured in new independent film "Puti, as this is her first independent movie since it was shot ahead of "Transit."

Jasmine said that she gave her all for the movie even she's not expecting any award for "Puti." She shared that her role in this film is different from in "Transit. "Here my challenge was becoming an eerie person. Little dialogue but intense ka tumingin and facial reaction."


Amir Luna is a skilled artist who makes a living painting forgeries. These are sold in the art black market. But his life changes when he gets into a car accident with his 8- year old son.
Amir survives the accident but suffers a head injury that renders him colour blind. His son is comatose. His world collapses as he struggles with the twin tragedies. While recuperating, strange things start happening to him.

The film features several original paintings by very talented Filipino artists. Most prominent is Geraldine Javier, one of the more successful contemporary artists in the Philippines today. Several of her paintings have fetched record sales in renowned auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Also used in the film were works by CCP 13 Artists awardee Juan Alcazaren III, abstract painter Bernie Pacquing, up and coming young artist Pam Celeridad and respected visual artist Roy Veneracion, father of lead star Ian. 

This fim is directed by Miguel 'Mike' Alcazaren, a freelance television commercial director and has won several Ad Congress awards and a First Prize in the 2007 Carlos Palanca Awards for Literature. 
“Puti” stars with Jasmine Curtis-Smith is blazing a trail away from her famous sister’s shadow. She made an auspicious film debut in this year’s Cinemalaya Best Picture “Transit”, winning best supporting actress. “Puti” is her second outing in an independent film. She balances a full schedule with her television series and studies at the Ateneo de Manila University.

She enjoyed and  gained new friendship with Lauren during the course of the film. Even they don't have any scenes together, Jasmine said they went to all the script readings and pre-production preparations of the film.

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