December 3, 2013

Meralco's Energy Efficiency and Safety Tips for Your Home

Do you prepare your home for all the upcoming holiday activities? More Christmas lights to set up?  Having new appliances? Cooking a feast this Christmas need not be time-consuming or expensive but we have to maximize the efficiency of your appliances and be sure you are all safe.

Meralco shared to us this special "Bright Idea" to help our homes become more energy efficient.

Last Friday, November 29, 2013, I was invited to the Meralco forum to discuss current energy issues such as rate adjustments and customer services. This was held in Aracama Filipino Cuisine, Unit C, The Fort Entertainment Center, Global City, Taguig City. 

 Here are some Energy Efficiency saving tips and sustainability for our home. 

For the latest update on electricity rate adjustment and some energy efficiency tips, here is the November edition of the Meralco Advisory.

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Here are useful tips on maximizing the efficiency of your appliances.

For your refrigerators, defrost regularly. Defrost before frost builds up to 1/4 inch to keep your unit running efficiently. Also, remember to clean condenser coils. The coils at the back remove heat. Clean them twice a year using a vacuum cleaner or broom.

Regular maintenance is very important for all your appliances.

And here's more important tips for decorating our home this Christmas season:  

You can save money and also help you save more with these simple ideas around the home. 

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