May 23, 2014

Women in Tech Startups: What You Need to Know in Order to Survive in the Industry

We are in a high-tech digital world that shapes the future of business: mobile technology, cloud computing and the “Internet of things.” I always read and learn things on innovation, technology, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

A lot of the popular apps such as Viber and Waze were created by tech startups. In the Philippines the growth of tech startups is also rising.

Gladly to see there are more women founders or more start-up women in technology and science.

While more and more women are getting involved in the tech startup industry, it is still a fact that men dominate it. However, this industry is constantly changing, and women are hopeful that it’s going to change for the better.

Regardless of gender, however, brave entrepreneurs and talented artists are drawn to the exciting world of tech startup.

Revital Darom, a make-up artist turned VP, shares her experience on how to survive and succeed in the tech startup industry. She is currently working as the VP Content Management for Veems. Veems is a unique photo-sharing app that allows users to upload a photo and add a four-second sound along with the image. The success of the app actually surprised Revital and her co-founder, Iddo Gorren.

Just two months after its soft launch, the app has already been downloaded from the App Store 100K times--that's even before they started to really market the app.

One of their most recent milestones is the release of Veem’s Android version this week.

Working in a tech startup requires lot of time and energy must be given. However, Revital believes that “if you have support at home, then it is possible to balance both work and family life.”

Tamar, VP Biz Dev of Veems, also shares the same sentiment. She has two kids, which makes it very challenging to work in a tech startup. But her family supports her career and her quest to fulfill her life’s dreams. Before working as VP in Veems, she had a highly successful career as a lawyer. But later on, she found her true passion: building a business from scratch and embedding everything she knows to achieve its goals.

She confesses, “I love the lean startup method. I believe in the ‘short learning cycles’, checking and analyzing the data, understanding the product or service from the customer’s point of view, and knowing when to pivot or proceed.” She encourages her team to always keep moving even though sometimes things don’t turn out the way they want them to be.

Women are used to juggle and handle multiple tasks to keep a balanced and happy home life. They are naturally well organized and better to adjust to new circumstances, which allow them to easily adapt to the fast-paced environment of the tech startup world. Most times, they just don’t adapt, they thrive and excel.

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Irene said...

Thank you, Myrns! I've personally worked with both Tamar and Revital and they are truly awesome! :)


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